Your Chinese Takeout Box Has a Mind-Blowing Secret Feature

Unleash the inner Transformers potential of your to-go container.

The Chinese takeout box. For all of its amazing benefits—like holding a seemingly bottomless amount of food and keeping it warm for a seemingly infinite amount of time—these trusty contraptions aren't nearly as efficient as they could be. Just think: How many times have you spilled when eating out of one? Or struggled to get the food out in the first place? Or, if you're a hapless type, launched a peanut into your eye with an inadvertent flick of a chopstick? (It happens. We swear.)

But as luck would have it, there's a way to dodge all these unwanted happenstances and maximize the eating functionality of your Chinese takeout box. All you have to do is turn it into a plate—a task that's surprisingly easier than it sounds. Courtesy of the folks at Food Beast, here's a five-step plan for unleashing the inner Transformers potential of your to-go container.

Step 1

chinese takeout box 1

First, open it. Then, grab the side where the cardboard is creased and glued together, like so.

Step 2

chinese takeout box 2

Then, carefully (so you don't send noodles flying everywhere) tear the sides apart.

Step 3

chinese takeout box 3

Push the newly opened-up corners down, flat against your table.

Step 4

chinese takeout box 4

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for the other side.

Step 5

chinese takeout box 5

Bingo! You've turned your Chinese takeout box into a bona fide piece of flatware. For a more detailed look at the instructions, check out the video below.

Just, whatever you do, make sure not to try this method with a saucy dish. The cleanup is a total pain—and no step-by-step process exists for an easy fix. Of course, you could also just opt to eat at the restaurant. And if you're going that route, be sure you know How to Get Any Seat in the House—Effortlessly.

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