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25 Most Amazing Valentine's Day Gifts for 2019 That Won't Break the Bank

You don't have to spend a fortune on the perfect present.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means that it's high time you start thinking about what you want to get your significant other this year. And it doesn't have to be a $10,000 diamond necklace, either. There are many Valentine's gifts in between expensive jewelry and a box of chocolate from the drugstore.

Whether it's an engraved watch, a bouquet of beef jerky, or even just a new kitchen gadget you can use together, as long as your gift is thoughtful, your partner will love it. Need help on where to start? Read on for some fantastic, inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts, perfect for the special person in your life.

A Sparkly Framed Photo

Kate Spade Glittery Photo Frame

$40; buy now at

A picture frame is always a thoughtful, cost-effective Valentine's Day gift. Simply fill a fashionable frame with one of the most meaningful photos of you and your significant other, and voilà! It's sure to bring a tear to their eye.

A Locket

Heart Locket {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$48; buy now at

This Valentine's Day, you can give your special someone your heart—or at least, a 24-karat version of it. This handmade Vanessa Mooney locket features a dainty flower and star design on the outside. Inside, it has a small space where you can put whatever picture your heart desires!

A Romantic Pop-Up Card

Rose Pop-Up Card {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$13; buy now at

If you're looking to give your significant other a gift that really pops this year, then this 3-D card is the perfect gift. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary Valentine's Day card, but when your spouse opens it up, a laser-cut bouquet of red roses will greet them. Fill it with a heartfelt message and you'll certainly win your loved one's heart. Plus, unlike a bouquet of real flowers, these roses won't ever wilt or lose their beauty.

A Heartfelt Accessory

Hearts Tie {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$19; buy now at

If you're getting dressed up for Valentine's Day, why not add some flair to your spouse's look with this heart-emblazoned accessory? It's subtle, but celebratory—the perfect combination.

Make-Your-Own Truffles

Truffle Making Kit {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$35; buy now at

While everyone else is giving their significant other a generic box of drugstore chocolate, you can spice things up with a DIY truffle-making kit. With coconut flakes, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, and sea salt, this kit has everything you could ever need to concoct the crème de la crème of truffle trays. Besides, nothing makes Valentine's Day more special than a homemade indulgence like this.

A Customized Star Map

Customized Star Map {Valentine's Day Gifts}

Starts at $49; buy now at

Commemorate your anniversary, your wedding date, or another special occasion with a personalized star map this Valentine's Day. Every time your partner looks up at the stars—or over at the wall—they'll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and devotion.

An Engraved Wooden Watch

Engraved Wooden Watch {Valentine's Day Gifts}

Starts at $50; buy now at

This personalized wooden watch is practical, but it offers some added passion, too. Even if your significant other isn't a fan of PDA, the engraving on the back of this timepiece is subdued enough that it can be your little secret.

Matching Underwear

Couple Wearing Matching Underwear {Valentine's Day Gifts}

Starts at $11; buy now at

Instead of going with the typical lingerie gift this holiday, surprise your spouse with a sweet set of matching undies. Sure, nobody else will be able to see them, but half the fun is knowing that it's your dirty little secret!

A Sweet Spa Package


Prices vary; buy now at

Few things are more romantic and relaxing than a hot stone massage and a steamy sauna session. Plus, after getting massaged by experts, you and your partner can try out new techniques on each other at home.

A DIY Coupon Booklet

woman crafting diy

Handmade gifts are the best way to both save money and show your spouse that you care. And when you've been in a relationship for a long time, coupons redeemable for one home-cooked dinner or one load of laundry are hardly a cop-out, especially when they're chores you hate.

A Necklace with Their Zodiac Constellation

Zodiac Constellation Necklace {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$42; buy now at

This constellation necklace from Tai Jewelry is perfect for the person in your life who's a firm believer in astrology. It's subtle and elegant, and anyone who checks their horoscope daily will love it. Plus, this accessory is way proves that yes, you do remember when their birthday is, thank you very much!

A Scratch-Off Date Night Movie Poster

Scratch Movie Poster {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$15; buy now at

If you think you and your partner have exhausted all of your date night ideas, think again. With this scratch-off poster featuring 100 classic flicks, you can make something of a game out of watching all the best movies out there until you've scratched all 100 off your list.

A Sephora Gift Card

Sephora Storefront {Return Policies}

Price varies; buy now at

Instead of trying to guess your significant other's signature shade of lip gloss or go-to perfume, just buy them a Sephora gift card so they can stock up on all their favorite products. Though gift cards usually feel like a thoughtless gift, makeup lovers make exceptions when it comes to Sephora.

Soothing Bath Salts

Bath Salts {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$22; buy now at

At the end of a long day, nothing soothes the soul and relaxes the mind quite like a warm bath. And with the addition of these bath salts, you'll kick the experience up a notch for your partner, giving them the ultimate sensuous and stress-relieving experience.

A Bouquet of Beef Jerky Roses

Beef Jerky Bouquet {Valentine's Day Gifts}

Starts at $49; buy now at

Some people don't want real flowers on Valentine's Day. They may be allergic or they may just think they're not worth the money. But that doesn't mean that all bouquets are entirely out of the question. For the carnivorous comrade in your life, for instance, nothing says "I love you" quite like these beef jerky roses.

A Heart-Shaped Succulent Garden

Heart Succulent Garden

$55; buy now at

Roses in a vase will last a couple weeks at most, but succulents in a heart-shaped vertical planter? Quite frankly, you'd have to make an effort to try and kill these babies.

An Insulated Coffee Mug

Hydroflask Mug {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$30; buy now at

If your spouse is the type of person who can't leave the house in the morning without their coffee, then this mug will be their daily a.m. reminder of how much you love them. This pragmatic matte mug can keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours.

A Homemade Pasta Maker

Homemade Pasta Maker {Christmas Gift Ideas}

$80; buy now at

Whether your partner already spends a lot of time in the kitchen or you've overheard them say that they want to cook at home more, this homemade pasta maker is a great gadget that both promotes bonding and expands culinary skillsets. And if you make fresh pasta on Valentine's Day together, it may taste even better than going out to eat.

Smooching Pooch Socks

Kissing Dog Socks {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$6; buy now at

Kissing dogs and comfortable socks? Name a more iconic duo. Bonus points if you give your partner a foot massage in these adorable puppies.

A Love-ly Cheese Board

Love Cheese Board {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$64; buy now at

If you and your parter are habitual hosts, then you'll certainly get good use out of this lovable marble serving platter. Whenever somebody asks where you got it, you'll love hearing your partner proudly talk about how you gave it to them as a sweet and heartfelt Valentine's Day gift.


An Alcohol-Filled Greeting Card

Beer Greeting Card {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$24$16; buy now at

Ah, a six-pack of beer. It's cheap, it's fun, and it's a surefire way to win the brewski lover in your life over.

A Mini Heart Waffle Maker

Heart Waffle Maker {Valentine's Day Gifts}

$18$12.75; buy now at

Surprise your significant other with a special Valentine's Day breakfast in bed featuring their favorite coffee, eggs, and heart-shaped waffles made using this mini waffle maker. At just $12.75 on sale, this kitchen gadget is so cheap that it doesn't even matter if you only use it once a year!

A Customized Grill Set

BBQ Grill Set

$42; buy now at

It might not be grilling season yet, but when it is, your grill master will appreciate having this personalized BBQ tool set by their side. Every time they break out the barbecue, they'll be reminded of you, your relationship, and that special Valentine's Day you had.

A Sweet Pink Wallet

Kate Spade Heart Wallet

$98; buy now at

Kate Spade's products are classy and chic. Their bright colors and bold patterns really make them pop (and are therefore easier to find in a bottomless purse). This wallet in particular is perfect for V-Day. And if you want to go overboard, slide in that Sephora gift card as an extra surprise.

Fashionable, Playful Sneakers

Comme Des Garcons Sneakers

$135; buy now at

These iconic Comme des Garçons canvas sneakers are a great gift for any occasion, but they're especially appropriate for Valentine's Day, seeing as the brand's logo is a playful heart. No matter your partner's gender, if they appreciate fashion, then they'll appreciate this Valentine's Day gift. And for more ideas on how to make your February 14th special, don't miss these 40 Non-Cliché Valentine's Day Date Ideas.

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