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See Charlie From "The Santa Clause" Now at 35

Eric Lloyd was eight years old when the holiday movie was released.

In 1994, audiences were introduced to a new holiday classic when The Santa Clause was released. The movie stars Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a man who accidentally becomes the new Santa Claus and has to learn to accept his role and explain it to his family. But, while Allen played the titular Santa, the other star of the movie—and the one who kids in the audience could connect with—was Eric Lloyd, who played Charlie, Scott's son.

It's been 27 years since The Santa Clause hit theaters, and Lloyd, who was eight when the movie was released, is now 35. The former child star continued acting for a while before making a career change but sticking with the entertainment business. Read on to find out what Lloyd has been up to since his North Pole days.

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Lloyd was already acting before The Santa Clause.

Eric Lloyd at the premiere of "The Santa Clause" in 1994
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Before he starred in The Santa Clause, Lloyd had already appeared on the TV series The Wonder Years and Laurie Hill, and in the movies Heart and Souls and Greedy, among other roles. After The Santa Clause, his child acting career continued with parts in Batman & Robin, Deconstructing Harry, Dustin Checks In, and the TV series Jesse.

He took a break but reprised his role in both Santa Clause sequels.

Eric Lloyd at the premiere of "The Santa Clause 2" in 2002
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There were two Santa Clause sequels and Lloyd was in both of them. The Santa Clause 2 was released in 2002 when Lloyd was 16, and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause came out in 2006 when he was 20. During an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on Reddit in 2014, Lloyd said of returning for the sequels, "It was actually really awesome to get to come back. Getting to see people like Judge [Reinhold] and David [Krumholtz] and Wendy [Crewson] again was awesome after so many years. I'd also taken a break from acting at that point to go to high school & college, so those were the only 2 films I did during that time, so it was really nice to be back on set again."

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He's mostly retired from acting now.

Lloyd also appeared on a couple of webseries and movies as an adult, but his career has taken him in a different direction.

"I'm not actively trying to go out and audition on roles," he said in the Reddit AMA. "I still do acting for different friends' projects if they need it. I do sound and other jobs on sets all the time, and when I'm on there, they'll put me in something that happens—like that ChromeSkull movie I did in 2011. I was working in a production office, and they couldn't find someone for the role, and I was still SAG [Screen Actors Guild], so they were able to use me."

He opened his own production studio.

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Lloyd started LP Studios after he graduated from Chapman University with a BFA degree in film production. The business provides "production and post production services for the film and music industries," according to his website, and consists of a soundstage and recording studios. The website explains that LP Studios specializes in "videography, editing, color correction, production sound mixing, post production audio design and audio mixing for the film world; and production, tracking and mixing for music professionals."

The former actor has also made music of his own. Lloyd was in the band RadioMason, but according to its Facebook page, it has been on hiatus since 2015. He was also in a band called Conflict Conveyed Through Audio.

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