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25 Houses That Hilariously Look Like Famous People

Who knew Owen Wilson copped his look from a Portuguese A-frame?

We've all seen pets that look exactly like their owners. But have you ever looked at a house and thought, "I'm pretty sure I've seen that face before?"

Trust us, houses can look exactly like people. In fact, if you look at them long enough, certain buildings can start to resemble bona fide celebrities. Which begs the question, which came first? Did architects get their inspiration from famous figures, or did some of the biggest names in Hollywood stumble upon an unusual-looking house and realize, "I think I just found my next look?" We may never solve that chicken-or-the-egg question, but we can marvel at the similarities between some famous faces and their architectural doppelgängers. Here are 25 that have totally blown our minds.

Nick Offerman

nick offerman and his lookalike house

It's like looking at Ron Swanson's face made of brick and bushes. We've never met a house that seemed more likely to denounce the government and say something hilarious about woodworking and barbecued meats.

Guy Fieri

guy fieri and the cave house in oklahoma

The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host has some of the most distinctive hair in the world, which also apparently makes for some great roofing. We're not sure who owns this house, but we hope it's the Mayor of Flavortown.

Mel Gibson in Braveheart 

mel gibson braveheart lookalike house

Whoever painted this house wanted the world to know that they may take our lives…but they will never take OUR FREEDOM!

Cardi B

cardi b and her lookalike house

On the left, you'll see the quirky "fish home" in Berkeley, California, designed by a former Olympian. And on the right, you'll see one of the hottest rappers in the music industry wearing said house to the 2019 Grammys. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold schwarzenegger and his lookalike house

Decades before he was a California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger rocked a flattop in the 1985 sci-fi action classic, Commando. Apparently, everybody was too impressed by his bulging biceps to mention how much he looked like a Norwegian grass-roof country house.

Artie Lange

artie lange and his lookalike house

Some may call this mean, but who could ignore the resemblance between the former Howard Stern Show and Mad TV comedian and this rusted structure?

Tammy Faye Bakker

tammy faye lookalike house

As any makeup artist/architect would tell you, heavy mascara doesn't work on a former TV evangelist prone to tsunami tears, or on the matching windows on a Canadian townhouse.

Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan lookalike house

You could say that the wrestling legend's handlebar mustache is the pillar of his face. But it's also the pillar of this house, which has a serious case of Hulkamania.

Post Malone

post malone and his lookalike house

Yes, hip-hop hitmaker Post Malone has a lot of face tattoos, but we prefer to think of it as head graffiti.

Reggie Watts

reggie watts and his lookalike house

If the house bandleader for The Late Late Show with James Corden was a piece of property, there's no doubt in our mind this is exactly what it would look like.

Owen Wilson

owen wilson and his lookalike house

We loved Owen Wilson in Meet the Parents and The Wedding Crashers. But we love him even more in this Portuguese home that looks downright cozy.

Conan O'Brien

conan o'obrien and his lookalike house

The late night talk show host's uniquely ridiculous (or ridiculously unique) hairstyle is a wonder of gravity. In fact, nobody has been able to replicate it, except for this odd bit of architecture in the Netherlands. It's like somebody tried to turn Conan O'Brien into the world's most awesome Airbnb.

Adolf Hitler

the hitler house

As famously reported by the Daily Mail, Charlie Dickenson, an eagle-eyed resident of Swansea, Wales, noticed that a row house in his neighborhood bore a strong resemblance to one of history's worst villains. The house has since gone mega-viral, garnering attention in media outlets from the Telegraph, to the Village Voice, to The Awl.

Flava Flav

flava flav and his lookalike house

The Public Enemy hype man is a true original—whose spirit was captured perfectly by this Icelandic barn. Let's call him Hermes from now on, shall we?

Bart Simpson or Pauly D

pauly d and bart simpson and their lookalike house

Is this the hair of the most famous animated brat in TV history, Bart Simpson? Or of Pauly D of MTV's The Jersey Shore? We honestly couldn't decide. So we'll leave it to you!

Justin Bieber

justin bieber and his lookalike house

This house has given us Bieber fever. No, seriously, it's made us Beliebers… in the power of real estate! (We could do this all day.)

Tom Selleck

tom selleck and his lookalike church

The former Magnum P.I. stud shares a facade with this Spanish church. It has all the mustachioed glory of Tom Selleck in his prime.

Rupert Grint

rupert grint and his lookalike building

We're not saying Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is intentionally cutting his hair so that he looks like the original Chick-fil-A, which was called Dwarf House. We're just saying we can't look at him without getting a hankering for a fried chicken sandwich. That's all.

Keith Richards

kieth richards and his lookalike house

What do ancient Greek homes and this Rolling Stones guitarist have in common? Everyone expected them both to crumble long ago, but they'll probably both be standing long after the rest of us have died.

Albert Einstein

albert einstein and his lookalike house

He gave the world the theory of relativity. And yet the thing most people still remember about him is, he had some crazy hair—crazy hair that this house in Utah shares. If that's not the house hair of a theoretical physicist who changed the way we understand the universe (and our place in it), we don't know what is!

Gérard Depardieu

gerard depardieu and his lookalike house

Gérard Depardieu may be a famous actor in France, but in Thailand, he's just a modest abode with a curious roof for visiting students.

Salvador Dali

salvador dali and his lookalike house

The world's most famous surrealist painter had a mustache almost as famous as his melting clocks. Thank goodness somebody finally found a way to preserve his unique profile in brick form.

Graham Elliot

Florida dune house is covered in moss and has white frames that look like Graham Elliot's glasses, celebrities who look like houses
Zillow / Shutterstock

Chef Graham Elliot's white glasses have become a part of his signature look. And this Floridian house coopted the aesthetic with its pearly arches. The home is supposed to be camouflaged into a sand dune, but its white specs are a little loud, if you ask us.

Jeffrey Tambor

Vietnam crazy house looks droopy and similar to actor Jeffrey Tambor's face

Jeffrey Tambor's prominent eyebrows and drooping smile give him a permanently uneasy look that was perfect for his anxious Arrested Development character. If a building were erected in his honor, we imagine it'd look something like the famous Crazy House in Vietnam, which appears to be begging for help, like a structural version of Edward Munch's The Scream. If that doesn't capture Tambor's vibe, we don't know what does.


Green mother goose house in Kentucky looks similar to Bjork's swan dress from Oscars, celebrities who look like houses
Flickr / Shutterstock

There is no Oscars ensemble as out there as the swan dress Björk wore to Hollywood's biggest night in 2001. But maybe the real scandal is that she stole the look from the famous Kentucky Mother Goose house, which was built in 1935. The evidence is simply impossible to ignore. The house has egg-shaped windows and Björk dropped eggs behind her at the Oscars. In conclusion, she basically is this house. And for more hilarious A-lister moments, see these 30 Celebrity Red Carpet Photos You Won't Believe Are 20 Years Old.

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