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50 Amazing Things You Can Buy for $5 (Or Less!)

Get more bang for your buck than you ever have.

Consider the Abraham Lincoln in your pocket. (The paper one. Not the penny.) It's your bus fare, your subway ride, your two-hour parking spot. It's a coffee in the morning—and, if you're at the right place, a bagel, too. But, beyond that, you can't do much with the sole, crinkled bill, right?

Think again. These days, with just five bucks, you can net yourself some serious treasure, enviable stuff you'd pay much, much more for. It's like highway robbery—except you're the robber. To prove it, we've rounded up the 50 most amazing things—from instant upgrades to your golf game to party favors that will impress any guest—you can buy for five dollars (or less!). So read on, and reap the treasure. And for more wacky purchases, check out the 100 Wow Gifts For the Person Who Has Everything.

A water temperature indicator.

water temperature indicator

$3.96; buy now at Amazon

We've all spent minutes testing sink water, patiently waiting for it to cool down to an enjoyably drinkable temperature. This indicator shows you, with colors, whether the water is hot, warm, or blissfully chilled. For best bets, move to one of the 25 U.S. Cities with the Best Drinking Water.

A set of sheet grippers.

sheet grippers

$3.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Chances are, in a perfect world, your sheets are taut as a guitar string—at all times. Well, with a good set of sheet grippers, that fantasy can become reality. For more ways to maximize your nightly eight hours, master the 70 Tips For Your Best Sleep Ever.

A gold face mask.

sheet mask

$3.99; buy now at Target

Yes, you can pick up 24 karat gold for under five bucks—and put it on your face. And for more great skincare advice, learn the 30 Best Ways to Have Your Best Skin.

3D cookie cutters.

cookie cutters

$2.93; buy now at Amazon

The only cookie cutter aspect of this potential stocking stuff is that fact that it literally cuts cookies. The fact that those cookies are in 3D removes any whiff of normalcy. And no, 3D glasses aren't required. And for more great gift ideas, don't miss the 40 Best Gifts For People Over 40.

An artificial plant.

artificial plant

$4.99; buy now at Target

Perfect for the week after you fail at keeping that real plant alive. And for more great décor advice, learn the 30 Items No One Over 30 Should Have In Their Home.

Fun paper clips.

duck paper clips

$4.58; buy now at Amazon

Inject some fun into your office with animal-shaped paper clips. Available in duck, pig, and, well, more or less every creature that calls Old MacDonald's home.

An MP3 player.

mp3 player

$3.08; buy now at Amazon

Remember when MP3 players—especially a certain i-branded iteration—were hundreds of dollars? In our opinion, these relics from the aughts are still way better for working out than lugging around your phone.

A fleece throw.

fleece throw

$4.60; buy now at Amazon

Perfect for brisk evenings and air conditioned offices. And, as a bonus, it's reversible—both sides are equally soft.

A sneaker wash bag.

sneaker wash bag

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Instead of having your filthy sneakers dirty up your clothing, keep everything in your washer safe with this sneaker wash bag.

A set of wine skirts.

wine skirts

$2.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

If you want a surefire, effortless way to ID which wine glass is yours, wrap it in one of these lively wine skirts.

A instant decorating upgrade.

whale towels

$3.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

It's the White Whale of guest-impressing décor: Disposable yet actually chic bathroom hand towels.

A bottle opener ring.

beer opener ring

$2.06; buy now at Amazon

Never worry about frantically looking for a bottle opener again. It's on your hand, man.

A jelly cube tray.

jelly cube trays

$3.20; buy now at Amazon

Make jelly cubes effortlessly with this 60-count tray. (Recipes not included.)

A bottle of wine.

Things You Should Never Do in a Fancy Restaurant

$1.99; many Trader Joe's locations

Trader Joe's sells whole bottles of wine for less than a cup of coffee. Keep an eye out for Two Buck Chuck. (Not every location sells the stuff.)

A whole lot of straws.

straws a whole lot of em

$2.49; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Fact: Whenever you're craving a straw, there never seems to be one within reach. Well, for less than three bucks, you can never run out by picking up 125 of them. (And yes, of course they're bendy.)

A spiked collar for your dog

dog collars

$2.89; buy now at Amazon

Unleash your dog's inner rock star. But beware. You might not want to try it if you recognize any of the 20 Signs Your Pet Hates You.

A bowtie for your dog.

dog bowtie

$4.99; buy now at Target

Or class the pup up. Your dog deserves to be dressed just as well as you.

A decadent scent.

essential oils

$3.49; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Unfortunately, the brand's name is ScentSationals. (We cannot let a pun like that slide.) Fortunately, the oils are truly sensational, and are certain to amp up your daily meditation session.

A set of bathroom dishes.

bathroom dishes

$2.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Everything here—from the soap dish to the toothbrush holder—is essential. But this set is also available in a veritable Crayola box of vibrant colors, including a white-hot pink and a to-die-for aqua (pictured).

A TSA-compliant travel kit.

tsa approved travel kit

$4.49; buy now at Target

Of all the airport security line headaches—and there are many—few are more frustrating than being forced to toss out your toiletries. Thankfully, there's some preventative care: These reusable, TSA-approved toiletry containers. And for more great travel advice, bone up on the 30 Secrets Only Airport Insiders Know.

A snack storage container

snack container

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Forget crusty ziplock bags and switch instead to these sturdy, stylish snack containers.

A toilet lid cover.

toilet seat cover

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Add a touch of comfort to your bathroom with this plush décor accent.

An extension cord.

extension cord

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Yes, you can pick up one of these essential household items for under five bucks.

A stainless steel colander.


$3.99; buy now at Target

Roughly one million times better (and easier to clean) than your ancient plastic one.

An artsy tea strainer.

tea strainer

$1.07; buy now at Amazon

This adorable tea infuser and strainer in the shape of a strawberry will encourage you to drink more of the good stuff (that would be tea) in its purest form.

An outdoor votive tiki torch.

tiki torches mini

$3.99; buy now at Target

Light up balmy summer evenings without breaking a sweat—or your wallet.

A colorful razor holder.

razor holders

$3.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Hang your razor on the wall with this super-adhesive razor holster. As a bonus, it comes in six fun color options.

A shower tote.

shower tote

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Dorm dwellers, pay heed: A shower tote is downright essential. (And for those with messy roommates, it doesn't hurt to carry one into adult life, either.)

A hi-tech night light.

night light

$3.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Never let your kids get scared again by equipping their room—or rooms—with this motion-sensing night light.

A spare key holder.

spare key rock

$4.59; buy now at Amazon

Safely tuck your spare key away with this surprisingly convincing disguise.

A Newton's cradle.

newtons cradle

$1.60; buy now at Amazon

For less than two bucks, you can outfit your desk with the same mesmerizing piece of art on your financial advisor's desk.

A cord organizer.

cord wrap

$4.99; buy now at Target

If you want to tie the world's sturdiest knot, the common joke goes, stick a pair of headphones in your pocket. Or, if you'd rather keep your headphones away from a fate of unmitigated, tangled disaster, pick up a cable organizer.

Pictionary, the card game.

pictionary card game

$1.65; buy now at Amazon

Everyone loves the board version. Try your hand at the card version.

A tee clip.

golf tee clip

$3.43; buy now at Amazon

Keep your golf tees organized and within reach with this inimitably chic tee clip. For easiest access, attach it to your bag or a belt loop. And for tips on the sport itself, master the 5 Clever Tricks That Will Boost Your Golf Game.

A collapsible shot glass.

shot glass

$2.98; buy now at Amazon

Never miss an opportunity to throw back some tequila shots by clipping this versatile shot glass to your keyring.

A three-way mirror.

three way mirror

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

With this portable and light-as-a-feather accessory, you can manage all of your features anywhere. (Just not behind the wheel.)

An HDMI cable.

hdmi cable

$3.99; buy now at Amazon

These trusty cables can retail for up to $30 at places like Best Buy. But, if you can wait for the shipping, you can pick one up for nearly a tenth the cost.

Reusable chopsticks.

chop sticks

$2.69; buy now at Amazon

Because eating sushi with a fork is verboten. Instead of working with flimsy balsa wood, pick up a pair of sumptuous chestnut sticks instead to truly up your kitchen style game.

A meat shredder.

meat shredder

$4.39; buy now at Amazon

Perfect for pulled pork, cheesesteaks, and Thanksgiving morning. Plus, it's shaped like a bear claw. Unleash your inner animal.

A scalp massager.

scalp massager

$4.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Scratch that itch in style with this translucent teal pressure-point stimulator.

A seatbelt cutter.

seatbelt cutter

$4.91; buy now at Amazon

Here's hoping you'll never need to use it, but, if you find yourself in a sticky situation, this car-escape tool can be quite handy. On one end, it'll slice through a seatbelt like butter. And on the other, you can crack through a sealed window without risking an eye-poking spew of shattered glass.

A chic shoe organizer.

shoe organizer

$4.99; buy now at Amazon

Up to your ankles in an army of shoes? Keep everything organized with this orderly yet chic over-the-door shoe organizer.

A cooler contact lens case.

contact lens case

$2.99; buy now at Amazon

For those requiring corrective vision: Store your lenses in this clandestine perfume-bottle-shaped lens case.

A bunch of La Croix.

la croix

$4.02; buy now at Amazon

Love it or hate it (Best Life's opinion: It's a sparkling beverage), you can pick up the divisive drink at a rate of less than 50 cents a can.



$4.50; buy now at Amazon

Forget breaking the bank for a pair of backup headphones. Instead, pick up a pair for about the price of a latte. The sound quality? Not bad! You'll miss out on some bass, but that's what your day-to-day headphones are for.

A hand juicer.


$3.99; buy now at Bed Bath and Beyond

Lemonade, fresh OJ, margaritas—this compact juicer does it all.

Lace locks.

lace locks

$1.62; buy now at Amazon

If you're going out for a run, it would behoove you to lock your laces. Good news, then, that you can pick up 10 lace locks for less than the price of a lotto ticket.

A flashy beach ball.

beach ball

$4.99; buy now at Amazon

It's a beach ball that—get this—lights up. With every smack and spike, the ball flashes blue, red, or green.

The best drink at Starbucks.

starbucks storefront barista secrets

About $2.50; all Starbucks locations

There's no need to shill out upwards of five dollars on a syrup-loaded latte. The best drink is far less expensive. Next time you head into the ubiquitous coffee chain, order a "grande dead eye." It's cheap, it's delicious, and it boasts a serious kick. Trust us: You won't regret it.

A fidget spinner.

$4.99; buy now at Amazon

Yes, these things are indeed still cool—and adults can play with them, too. Need a starting point? We've got you covered.

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