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"Real Housewives" Star Fired for Alleged Misconduct Claims She Was "Set Up"

Brandi Glanville has been accused of sexual assault, which she denies.

For three seasons, Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip has brought together stars from various Real Housewives franchises for week-long trips full of drama, new friendships, and countless themed events. But the upcoming fourth season of the Peacock show has already made headlines for a much more serious and concerning reason. In January, it was reported that Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo were leaving the show following alleged misconduct from Glanville. It was reported that while Manzo left on her own accord, Glanville was sent home by producers. The production company behind the series also opened an investigation into the matter.

After the news first broke, Glanville issued a statement through her representative. And now, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has shared more of her side on Twitter, including calling the circumstances that led to her dismissal a "set up." Read on to find out more.

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Glanville has been accused of sexual assault.

Brandi Glanville at Babes for Boobs Live Bachelor Auction in 2018
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In January, People reported that Glanville was sent home from filming the show in Marrakech, Morocco after she allegedly kissed former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Manzo repeatedly without her consent.

"It was unwanted," a source claimed. "And Caroline's distress over the matter did not seem to stop Brandi. Things escalated and physical boundaries allegedly were crossed that Caroline felt were serious and uncomfortable."

Glanville reportedly apologized to Manzo via a text message the next day but was still sent home by production. Manzo made her own decision to leave the show.

About a week later, Page Six reported that Glanville allegedly touched Manzo on her chest and on her genital area. According to the publication, the alleged incident was not captured on camera, because it happened in a bathroom, but there is audio of the encounter.

Peacock and production company Shed Media said in a statement to People, "The safety and security of cast and crew while shooting is extremely important and we take all reports seriously. In this situation, production immediately launched a comprehensive review and is taking appropriate action."

Glanville claimed she was innocent in her statement.

Brandi Glanville at WE tv's Real Love: Relationship Reality in 2018
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In late February, Glanville denied any wrongdoing via a statement from her representative. The statement was released amid the reality star's absence from the reunion show for The Traitors, another Peacock show that Glanville participated in.

"Brandi wanted nothing more than to attend The Traitors reunion," her rep told People. "It has been one of Brandi's favorite projects." The statement continued, "Brandi has been prohibited from sharing her side of the story and in turn, people have only heard unsubstantiated versions. Brandi maintains her innocence and vehemently denies any wrongdoing."

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She just revealed more of her side of the story.

On March 30, Glanville spoke out about the allegations in a series of tweets.

"I am not suing ANYONE not #Peacock or Anyone else for that matter," she wrote. "I can speak on anything I want to speak on-it was at the end of an 18 hour Wrk day at our belly dancing party & I'd like to see footage on it before hand as both myself & Caroline were very intoxicated."

She continued, "I'm [expletive] sick of this narrative. I was hired for a 2nd season of girls trip cuz they LOVED what I did on 1st season I was told to bring the party just like before & that's exactly what I did & I was punished for it. It feels like a [expletive] set up. It's BS & Caroline was fine."

The 50-year-old star concluded, "Those are my statements. Yes I'm pissed off. Yes, this is been life [expletive] ruining and I'm not gonna be responding to anyone commenting."

Manzo also commented on the incident.

During an appearance on New York Live in March, Manzo touched on the circumstances of her Ultimate Girls Trip exit.

"I can't say much, only because it's not good for my headspace, but it took a lot for me to go back there," the reality star said of returning to the franchise. "Going back with the best of intentions, with the highest of hopes, to do something fun. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me that way. I came home early. And at this point, I just truly don't have the space in my head to talk about it. So, I'd rather not, but I would imagine it would unfold on the series when it airs and there'll be a lot said then."

Best Life has reached out to Glanville regarding her tweets. A representative for Manzo had no additional comment.

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