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Travelers Warn "Avoid Delta at All Costs" After "Worst Flight Experience"

A traveler said a recent experience was "dehumanizing."

Some inconveniences are inevitable when it comes to the airport: For instance, long lines at security, the aircraft running out of overhead bin space, or having an annoying seatmate. However, a flight delay-turned-cancelation can be the biggest nuisance of all—just ask TikToker Esther Cho, who after waiting eight hours for her Delta Airlines flight to take off was asked to deboard the aircraft because the flight had been canceled. Many of Cho's followers have had similar experiences with Delta, and are even pushing fellow travelers to "avoid Delta at all costs."

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In a four-part series shared on TikTok, Cho said her flight was originally scheduled to depart New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) at 3:30 p.m., but after going through airport security, she learned that it had been delayed by an hour.

"Whatever it happens, right?" Cho said in response.

However, the hour-long wait turned into two hours, and then eventually three hours. Delta employees at the gate desk announced that they were waiting on a pilot.


this is the worst flight experience ive ever had. please do not ever fly with @delta #worstflightexperience#horribleflight#delta#airport#worstairportever

♬ original sound – Esther 🤍

"So a flight that was supposed to leave at 3:30 p.m. is now scheduled for 6:55. It's… annoying, right?" Cho said.

Cho and her fellow passengers finally boarded the plane—only to then wait an additional three hours in their seats, during which time they were not offered water or snacks. A Delta flight member then announced that they would be deplaning because "we're not allowed to have you guys on a still plane" for more than three hours.

Back in the gate area, travelers waited another 30 minutes until it was announced that their flight had been officially canceled.

When it came time to reroute everyone's flights, Cho described the Delta desk agents as being "incompetent" and "dehumanizing," and showing "no empathy." She decided to cancel her trip altogether.

"It was like the worst level of humanity I've ever experienced," she claimed.

By the time Cho made it down to baggage claim it was 1:30 a.m. and she had already spent 12 hours in the airport. Not to mention, Delta had canceled several other flights, and other travelers said they had been waiting between five and seven hours for their bags.

Cho made the decision to go home and come back in the morning to claim her bag. While the process was easy and she got her suitcase, Cho said it was incredibly insecure. She wasn't asked to display her boarding pass or any identification.

"I just wish the whole thing didn't have to happen," she said in her final video.

Many of Cho's followers weighed in on her "traumatic" experience with Delta and even shared horror stories of their own.

"Was told years ago that DELTA meant D-ont E-ven L-eave T-he A-irport," one person commented.

"We try to NEVER fly Delta! Every time we do we regret it!" another said. One TikToker agreed, writing, "@delta is the absolute worst. I had employee yell at me for trying to ask a question. I'll never fly with them again."

"JKF airport is something else with the attitudes & disrespect from employees," another comment reads.

However, some travelers think Cho is "overreacting completely."

"Are you new here? Welcome to flying out of NY in January," one person added. Another commenter pointed out that dealing with a long wait time at baggage claim is a "general airport problem" and not specific to Delta or JFK.

Best Life reached out to Delta for comment and will update the story with its response.

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