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Stylish Signs

Where Each Zodiac Sign Should Shop for Clothes

An astrologer shares her star-crossed style tips.
Cosmic Curb Appeal

The Color Each Zodiac Sign Should Paint Their Door

Look to the stars for design inspiration.
Say Yes To The Dress!

The Best Wedding Dress Style for Your Zodiac Sign

An astrologer shares her star-crossed style tips.
Star-Studded Accessories

The Best Earring Style For Your Zodiac Sign

Ready to shine bright like a diamond?
Astrological Answers

Why You Don't Relate To Your Zodiac Sign

See what an astrologer has to say.
Cosmic Confections

The Best Pastry For Your Zodiac Sign

An astrologer shares her favorite recipes.
Styled By The Stars

The Best Heels For Each Zodiac Sign

An astrologer shares your shoe-soulmate.
Good Love Charm

The Best Crystals For Finding Love

An astrologer shares some tips.
Toilet Tones

The Best Bathroom Colors for Each Zodiac Sign

These colors have a cosmic connection.
Nailed It

The Best Nail Polish Color for Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers share some manicure advice.
Affirmation Station

50 Daily Affirmations to Attract Good Luck

Manifest positive change with these mantras.
So Annoying

Your Biggest Pet Peeve, Based on Astrology

Here's what really gets under each sign's skin.
Cosmic Connections

Your Celebrity Love Match Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Who is your perfect partner among the stars?
Full Moon Madness

8 Things to Avoid Doing During a Full Moon

The chaotic energy can lead to poor decisions.
Music And Lyrics

The Type of Music Your Zodiac Sign Should Listen To

An astrologer shares artist suggestions.
Calling The Shots

What Your Ruling Planet Say About Your Personality

Get the full picture from an astrologer.
Color Magic

The Best Colors to Attract Love

Astrologers share the hues that'll lead to romance.
Sun and Sand

The Best Tropical Vacation For Your Zodiac Sign

Are you more Tulum or Fiji?

Your Zodiac Sign's "Real Housewife" Best Friend

An astrologer shares who you'd get along best with.
Color Coded

What Your Aura Color Says About Your Personality

Astrologers share what they mean.
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