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Ups and Downs

Richard Burton on Great Love Elizabeth Taylor

He called her an "eternal one-night stand."
Good Enough

Stars Who Retired at the Height of Their Fame

They cashed in their chips early.
Ambiguous Acts

6 Movie Endings No One Understood

You're not the only one who's confused.
Casting Bias

Why Nia Long Didn't Get "Charlie's Angels"

An exec told her she "looked too old."
The Boot

Celebs Who Tried to Get Their Co-Stars Fired

Some of them successfully.
Close Encounter

Miley Cyrus "Was Chased Down" by a UFO

At least, she thinks that's what she saw.
Forgive & Forget

Celeb Couples Who Survived Cheating Scandals

"We will get through it together."
Whirlwind Romance

Uma Thurman Regrets Marrying Gary Oldman

"It was a crazy love affair that ended."
Low-Key Love

8 Celebrities Who Have "Secret" Spouses

These stars keep their personal lives locked down.
Subtitles On

International TV Shows to Watch Right Now

These global gems are well worth your time.
Queens of Pop

Madonna Says Lady Gaga "Ripped Her Off"

They've been feuding for years.
Cosmic Intervention

Fran Drescher Says She Was Abducted by Aliens

And that her former husband was as well.
Unhappy Set

John Stamos Tried to Get the Olsens Fired

"[They] cried a lot," the actor explained.
Outdated Comedy

6 Wildly Offensive Classic Sitcom Episodes

Modern audiences wouldn't stand for these.
Blood, Sweat & Tears

Leonardo DiCaprio Was Bleeding in This Scene

"He never flinched," a producer said.
Convoluted Classics

The 8 Most Confusing TV Shows of All Time

You'll want to be taking notes.
TV Siblings

See Alicia's Kids From "The Good Wife" Now

Zach and Grace Florrick are all grown up.
School Reunion

See Finch From "American Pie" Now at 41

Former teen star Eddie Kaye Thomas is now 41.
Immortal Warrior

See Duncan MacLeod From "Highlander" Now

Adrian Paul starred in the TV spinoff.
In Your Eyes

See Diane Court From "Say Anything" Now

Former teen idol Ione Skye is 52.