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Changing Course

Delta Is Making This Change for Future Flights

The carrier's new move marks an industry first.
Storage Situation

This Garage Product Could Cause Serious Injury

A new recall underscores a potential danger.
Not So Fast

Alaska Is Keeping This COVID Ban

Most—but not all—passengers are now free to fly maskless.
Passenger Perks

This Is the Most Comfortable Airline, Data Shows

It's all about leg room, entertainment, and food.

Pilots Are Warning About This Flight Problem

This is a major safety risk.
Friendlier Skies

American Will Finally Let You Do This on Flights

The changes will upgrade the passenger experience.
Recall Alert

This Bedroom Item Has Been Recalled After a Death

It could cause a serious injury.
Flight Upgrades

Delta Just Announced This Permanent Change

The airline's loyal flyers will be excited.
Cruise Controls

You Still Must Follow These Cruise Restrictions

CDC lifted COVID warnings, but these rules remained.
Please Hold

This Is the U.S, Airport You'll Wait at the Longest

Expect to find snaking security lines here.
Crew Cuts

Flight Attendants Were Just Issued This Warning

A concerning memo warns of serious consequences.
Flight Schedules

United Is Finally Bringing Back This Service for Travelers

The carrier is beefing up its offerings in a major way.
Change of Plans

Southwest Will Now Let Passengers Do This

The shift is big for an airline known for consistency.
Flight Upgrades

If You Fly American or JetBlue, Prepare for Big Changes

It's a major upgrade for frequent travelers.
Snooze Fest

People Will Find You Boring If You Love to Do This

And stereotypically boring people are marginalized.
Changing Course

Airlines Are Warning Passengers About Big Changes

Current events are converging to complicate the picture.
On Schedule

This Is the Most Reliable Airline to Fly

It's the most on-time airline for the 18th year running.
Flight Upgrades

Delta Is Finally Letting Passengers Do This

Passengers who have long felt left out will rejoice.
Unfriendly Skies

The Least Flexible U.S. Airlines

Book with caution.
Packing List

5 Things You Should Never Bring on a Cruise

Leave these no-nos off your packing list.
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