11 Stunning Photos of Rome Covered in the Snow

Very seldom does this happen to the Eternal City.

11 Stunning Photos of Rome Covered in the Snow

On Monday, the sunny city of Rome woke up to its first snowfall in six years. While the uncommonly cold and windy weather has caused some serious issues for civilians, including seven casualties in Europe so far, Italians have been celebrating the rare beauty brought on by what the British media has named “The Beast from the East” (a moniker derived from the fact that the cold burst comes from Siberia). Below are some of the best social media snapshots of this natural wonder. And for more examples of our recent crazy winter, check out these 16 Insane Photos of the Bomb Cyclone.

snow in rome rome weather

Sunny Snow Day

Andrea Stroppa enjoys the snowfall by day at the Coliseum.

snow covers mausoleum of hardian rome weather

Burial Vaults Buried In the Snow

Stephen Kay got this shot of the Mausoleum of Hadrian covered in snow. And if you find yourself in a similarly snowy situation, be sure you’re prepared by reading up on the 12 Genius Ways to Stay Warm in the Winter.

snow in rome

The Snow of Silence

Another stunning photo by Stephen Kay, this time of the Roman Forum. “No people, just incredibly peaceful,” he wrote.

snow in rome

Palm Trees in the Snow

“When Virginia Raggi preemptively cancelled all schools for Monday (from Mexico) I thought it was ridiculous. And then I woke up. Never seen this in 3.5 years,” Guardian correspondent in Rome  wrote. 

snow in rome

Love Amid the Snowflakes

Instagram user stefangram83 shared this beautiful photo of a couple walking together under the snow.

coliseum in the snow

Neve Roma

“And so it begins” wrote one Twitter user underneath this gorgeous photo.

trajan market

Red Snow

The clay in Trajan’s markets made the snow all the more pronounced.

snow blossom

Snow Blossoms

“Nobody told the plum trees in my street it was going to snow,” AFP journalist Angus MacKinnon wrote.

roman square in snow

Largo Argentina

Another Stephen Kay snapshot, this time of the famous square in Rome, Italy, with four Roman Republican temples and the remains of Pompey’s Theatre.

snow in rome

Kindness Warms the Cold

Two people help each other on the snowy morning streets.


Winter Fairytale

Castello Orsini, in the countryside near Rome, belongs in a storybook today. And for more wild weather shots, Check Out These Insane Photos of the Paris Flood.

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