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7 Secrets Yankee Candle Doesn't Want You to Know

Here's the inside scoop from former Yankee Candle employees.

Yankee Candle is not just an obsession, it's a lifestyle. Super fans of the mall brand love the colorful candles, whether it's holiday favorites like Balsam & Cedar or everyday staples such as Home Sweet Home. And with more than 600 scents that have been produced over the store's nearly 50-year history, it's no wonder shoppers can't get enough. But even the most seasoned candle connoisseurs still might have a little something to learn. Read on for some of the biggest secrets Yankee Candle doesn't want you to know—straight from former employees.

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You're probably not aware of these safety precautions.

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We all know that candles pose a certain fire risk. On Twitter, former Yankee Candle employee @EtsyCCGG advises on candle safety: "Trim your wicks, use a topper to help keep the flame steady, 1st burn should melt ALL THE WAY to the edges or it will tunnel!"

Redditor Umbra39 agrees: "I worked at Yankee Candle for a while. We sell illuma lids which trap in the heat and steady the flame. Wick trimmers will reduce smoke and smog. Also you can look at the bottom of the candle for burn times."

User @EtsyCCGG also says that if you don't live in a house with larger open areas, "buy wax welts." Paired with a warmer, these are electric and much safer than burning an actual candle.

Do not use a mug warmer.

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A popular hack is to use a coffee or mug warmer to heat the bottom of a candle when it gets low, but ex-employees say it's not safe.

"When i worked at yankee candle i was told to never suggest those to anyone as it can cause candles to shatter!!" says Reddit user gonerstruce. "candles are designed to withstand the heat of it burning all the way down and companies can't guarantee how their products will react with a candle warmer."

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You're smelling the candles wrong.

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One of the highlights of shopping for candles in person is smelling all the scents—but you're probably doing it wrong.

"To get the best possible idea of what a jar candle smells like, sniff the inside of the lid, not the candle wax itself," explains former employee @NebelEllustre on Twitter. This gives you a better idea of how the candle will smell when it's burning in your home.

Different waxes have different burn times.

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Not all Yankee Candles are created equal. In a TikTok video, employee @yankeecandleconnoisseur shares that a single-wick candle made of paraffin wax burns for 110-150 hours, and a two-wick candle made of a soy blend wax burns for 60-90 hours. As mentioned, you can check the bottom of the jar to see the estimated burn time.

You might be wasting perfectly good candles.

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If you're a beginner in the world of candles and cut a wick too low, you don't need to give up hope. "All you have to do is burn around the wick and you'd have a perfectly good candle," explains TikTok user @CoolandClassy. Of course, be careful, but this will help you get your money's worth.

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The return policy is super lax.

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Whether your candle is damaged or you just didn't like the scent, you can return it to Yankee Candle, no questions asked. "If you don't like your candle for any reason you can go in and return it for cash if you have the receipt or you can exchange it jar for jar of the exact same size," shares @CoolandClassy on TikTok.

You won't believe the employee discount.

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In the same TikTok video, @CoolandClassy divulges that all Yankee Candle employees receive 50 percent off "anything that smells," which is basically the entire store. Plus, when customers return items, even if they're not damaged, employees can purchase the product for 75 percent off. "I haven't even mentioned that once a month corporate would send us stuff to review and you get free product," they add. So, if you're truly obsessed with their candles, it's a good gig.

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