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This Is the Worst State to Live in If You're Single

If you're trying to couple up here, you're looking for love in all the wrong places.

There's no denying that being single can be tough. But finding a relationship is often easier said than done—and where you live could be a key factor in why you're not having more luck in the love department, according to a new survey from Wallethub. The data crunchers assigned numbers to locales throughout the U.S. based on three metrics: economic factors, including restaurant meal costs, beauty salon costs, cocktail prices, housing affordability, and unemployment rate; fun and recreation, including coronavirus restrictions, the number of attractions per capita, weather, and safety; and dating opportunities, including the share of the single population, gender balance, and active Tinder users. The cities examined were then ranked, with lower total scores indicating worse places to live as a single person.

Based on Wallethub's aforementioned criteria, the worst state for single folks is clear: nine of the state's cities were among the 25 worst cities for singles. Read on to find out which U.S. cities ranked the worst for singles—and if you want to know where folks are hooking up, This Is the Most Promiscuous State in America.

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South Burlington, Vermont

south burlington vermont mountainscape

Economics rank: 59

Fun and recreation rank: 141

Dating opportunities rank: 163

Total score: 47.40

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Fremont, California

aerial view of fremont california
Shutterstock/Sundry Photography

Economics rank: 141

Fun and recreation rank: 134

Dating opportunities rank: 138

Total score: 47.32

Garland, Texas

power plant in garland texas
Shutterstock/Donna Beeler

Economics rank: 67

Fun and recreation rank: 167

Dating opportunities rank: 144

Total score: 47.29

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Montgomery, Alabama

montgomery alabama

Economics rank: 65

Fun and recreation rank: 120

Dating opportunities rank: 170

Total score: 47.23

Santa Rosa, California

santa rosa california
Shutterstock/Jon Bilous

Economics rank: 173

Fun and recreation rank: 90

Dating opportunities rank: 136

Total score: 46.94

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Greensboro, North Carolina

greensboro north carolina skyline

Economics rank: 42

Fun and recreation rank: 121

Dating opportunities rank: 179

Total score: 46.81

Santa Ana, California

cityscape photo of downtown Santa Ana, California

Economics rank: 170

Fun and recreation rank: 166

Dating opportunities rank: 56

Total score: 46.72

Stockton, California

cityscape photo of downtown Stockton, California

Economics rank: 120

Fun and recreation rank: 179

Dating opportunities rank: 102

Total score: 46.66

Columbia, Maryland

columbia maryland lake view

Economics rank: 88

Fun and recreation rank: 140

Dating opportunities rank: 169

Total score: 46.37

Oakland, California

cityscape photo of a waterfront and the downtown area in Oakland, California

Economics rank: 178

Fun and recreation rank: 112

Dating opportunities rank: 103

Total score: 46.05

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Shreveport, Louisiana

shreveport louisiana skyline

Economics rank: 91

Fun and recreation rank: 160

Dating opportunities rank: 166

Total score: 45.87

Lewiston, Maine

waterfalls in lewiston maine
Shutterstock/Jennifer Yakey-Ault

Economics rank: 87

Fun and recreation rank: 171

Dating opportunities rank: 158

Total score: 45.55

San Bernardino, California

san bernardino, california cityscape
Shutterstock/Matt Gush

Economics rank: 174

Fun and recreation rank: 181

Dating opportunities rank: 54

Total score: 45.41

Yonkers, New York

yonkers new york waterfront

Economics rank: 162

Fun and recreation rank: 94

Dating opportunities rank: 164

Total score: 45.22

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

city skyline and the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at dusk

Economics rank: 165

Fun and recreation rank: 55

Dating opportunities rank: 173

Total score: 44.85

Pearl City, Hawaii

pearl city hawaii aerial view

Economics rank: 146

Fun and recreation rank:182

Dating opportunities rank: 124

Total score: 44.45

Modesto, California

modesto california landscape

Economics rank: 137

Fun and recreation rank: 177

Dating opportunities rank: 145

Total score: 44.35

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

cityscape photo of downtown Winston-Salem North Carolina at dusk

Economics rank: 65

Fun and recreation rank: 161

Dating opportunities rank: 177

Total score: 44.35

Moreno Valley, California

moreno valley california
Shutterstock/Jim Feliciano

Economics rank: 160

Fun and recreation rank: 180

Dating opportunities rank: 1117

Total score: 44.29

Hialeah, Florida

street and Hialeah Monument in downtown Hialeah, Florida

Economics rank: 129

Fun and recreation rank: 114

Dating opportunities rank: 175

Total score: 44.18

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Laredo, Texas

cityscape photo of Laredo, Texas

Economics rank: 36

Fun and recreation rank: 170

Dating opportunities rank: 176

Total score: 43.85

Warwick, Rhode Island

warwick harbor lighthouse

Economics rank: 147

Fun and recreation rank: 93

Dating opportunities rank: 178

Total score: 43.63

Pembroke Pines, Florida

pembroke pines florida aerial shot
Shutterstock/Felix Mizioznikov

Economics rank: 86

Fun and recreation rank: 66

Dating opportunities rank: 182

Total score: 43.11

Brownsville, Texas

brownsville texas river
Shutterstock/Danita Delimont

Economics rank: 71

Fun and recreation rank: 159

Dating opportunities rank: 181

Total score: 40.98

Glendale, California

glendale california
Shutterstock / Michael Gordon

Economics rank: 161

Fun and recreation rank: 129

Dating opportunities rank: 180

Total score: 38.96

It's clear California stands out as the worst place for single folks in the U.S., with three of the state's metropolitan areas landing among the survey's top 10 worst cities for singles. For those who do manage to score a date in California, it won't be cheap, either: five of the state's cities had the highest movie costs and four had the state's highest beauty salon costs.

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