He Played Wesley on "Mr. Belvedere." See Brice Beckham Now at 46.

The actor has a sense of humor about his child star days.

In 1985, audiences were introduced to Mr. Belvedere, an English butler working for an American family on the sitcom of the same name. The show starred Christopher Hewett in the title role, and one of the children he helped raise was Wesley, the youngest member of the Owens family, who was played by Brice Beckham. At the time that Mr. Belvedere premiered, Beckham was only nine years old, and when it concluded in 1990, he was 14—so the actor spent some formative years in front of the TV cameras.

Now, Beckham has moved out of the spotlight and instead works mostly behind the scenes on TV shows and films as a writer and production company founder. Read on to learn more about Beckham's life today at 46.

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He co-founded a production company.

Tracy Wells and Brice Beckham at the premiere of "Looks Who's Talking" in 1989
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Beckham co-founded the production company Drama 3/4 Productions with his creative partner, David Fickas. According to the company's website, Drama 3/4 Productions is "a team of screenwriters, directors, performers, producers and editors who have provided scripted content for dozens of platforms" and "has been responsible for generating feature films, television shows and hours upon hours of digital content, as well as most of Fickas & Beckham's own IP."

The site notes that the company has produced web extras for shows including Breaking Bad and Burn Notice, as well as content for brands including Volvo and Kraft.

He's a writer.

Brice Beckham recording the "Reilly Roundtable" podcast with Mark Reilly and David Fickas in 2020
Mark Reilly / YouTube

Beckham (pictured middle above) is also a writer himself. He co-wrote the VH1 show I Hate My 30's, in which he also starred. He also wrote a movie titled Hollywood Adventures, among other projects. According to the Drama 3/4 Productions site, "Scripts he has co-written with David Fickas have been sold to SyFy, ABC Family, VH1 and Perfect Storm."

He's continued acting.

Beckham doesn't appear regularly onscreen anymore, but he has continued to act over the years. In addition to Mr. Belvedere, he has appeared in shows including The Wonder Years, Roseanne, Burn Notice, and Hug It Out. He also provided voice acting for the video game L.A. Noire.

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He's reunited with the Mr. Belvedere cast.

Brice Beckham at Chiller Theatre Expo 30th Anniversary Fall 2021
Bobby Bank/Getty Images

In 2020, the cast of Mr. Belvedere reunited over Zoom to raise money for The Actors Fund. Beckham was joined by the actors who played the rest of the Owens family: Tracy Wells, Rob Stone, Ilene Graff, and Bob Uecker. Hewett, who played Mr. Belvedere, passed away in 2001.

Beckham promoted the meetup on social media, where he also proves he has a sense of humor about his days as a child actor. His Twitter bio reads, "Yeah, Wesley. Yeah, from Mr. Belvedere. I know, the '80s, weird. I also write TV and movies and funny web shorts, but you're here because of Mr- gotcha, okay."

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