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Walmart's Newly Reorganized Store Changes Are Drastic—What to Know

The store has a few exciting additions for shoppers to enjoy.

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Not every Walmart store is exactly the same—and you'll notice specific differences when you shop at a Supercenter versus a Neighborhood Market. But generally, you know what to expect when you walk into your local store, including where you can find your groceries and other necessities on your list. But now, Walmart has redesigned over 100 stores nationwide, meaning your reliable hub might suddenly look very different. Read on to find out what you can expect on your next shopping trip.

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Changes were made both inside and outside Walmart stores.

expanded walmart vision center

Yesterday, Walmart had a "re-grand opening of 117 remodeled stores" in 30 states, the company announced in a press release.

According to the release, the redesigns are part of a larger $9 billion investment to upgrade over 1,400 stores, "to deliver a more modern shopping experience and improve the lives of our associates and customers from the moment they step into the new space."

No matter what you're heading in to shop for, the retailer says you'll feel more at home in the "highly-connected" stores, which feature refreshed exteriors as well as fresh paint, new signs, and new shopping carts.

Per the release, Walmart also expanded pharmacies at redesigned stores, moving them to the front of the store and adding private screening rooms. Vision centers were updated, too, offering more eyewear and sunglass choices.

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Stores have more convenient layouts and new departments.

walmart dollar shop

Likely one of the most anticipated and convenient changes is more space to browse at Walmart stores. The redesigned aisles and setup provide more room, Walmart said, making shopping easier for customers and gathering pickup and delivery orders simpler for employees. While browsing, the retailer is also encouraging customers to "interact" with merchandise via displays that they can touch and feel.

Yet another big upgrade is the addition of a dollar shop with "seasonally-relevant products," the retailer said. (The section feels similar to the popular Target Dollar Spot, which is located at the front of Target stores and filled with seasonal items.)

Nearby in the front of the stores, shoppers will also find a new Grab & Go section for on-the-go snacks and drinks.

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Checkout underwent upgrades, too.

new walmart checkout

According to the press release, the checkout process at redesigned stores looks a little different, with a new design "based on customer feedback." The retailer noted that the "refreshed" checkout area will be "an easy end to the trip," adding that members can use the Walmart+ express lane or the touch-free Walmart Pay option.

While there's been ongoing criticism of self-checkout at Walmart and grocery stores in general—which was likely part of the aforementioned "customer feedback"—Walmart didn't elaborate on what exactly the checkout changes entail.

Best Life reached out to Walmart for comment on the redesigns and checkout upgrades specifically, and we will update the story with its response.

The big-box retailer is hoping to drive sales.

A close up of a Walmart shopping cart in the parking lot in front of a Walmart store
Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

According to CNN, Walmart's efforts are to encourage shoppers to add more to their carts, aside from groceries and staples—and to shop for longer. This is particularly important following the COVID pandemic, as Americans are pulling back on discretionary spending amid inflation.

The outlet noted that Walmart, in particular, has struggled with getting shoppers to buy bigger-ticket items like home goods and electronics. (However, it remains competitive with Target and other rivals in terms of food sales.)

While, naturally, Walmart focused more on the customer experience in the press release, it's clear the company believes upgrades will have an impact, because upgrades aren't stopping anytime soon.

"We have plans to continue our remodel program into 2024, bringing updated stores to more of the communities we serve," the press release concludes. "No matter how you shop, Walmart is ready to make the experience exceptional. See you in-store."

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