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Walmart's New Subscription Service Has a Hidden Bonus You Didn't Realize

And here's how to take advantage of it.

Who doesn't love a free trial? There's nothing better than taking advantage of a new service to see if it's for you or not, without incurring any cost. If you've been intrigued by Walmart's latest service, Walmart Plus, there's a secret way to double your free trial. A simple hack during the sign-up process can bring the length of your free trial period from 15 days to a whole month, according to CNET. Read on to find out how to take advantage of the 30-day free trial from Walmart Plus, and for more Walmart news, be warned that If You Bought This at Walmart, You Should Throw It Away Now.

The Walmart Plus service is an online subscription and delivery program for which customers pay a monthly or annual fee in return for free delivery. It costs $12.95 per month, or $98 for a full year. In both cases, the first 15 days are free of charge to allow you to try out the service, an attempt to lure in customers who are unsure of whether or not Walmart Plus is right for them. However, CNET points out that there is a prompt during the sign-up process for Walmart Plus where you can answer a series of three questions: how many people live in your home, their age ranges, and what other subscription services you have. All you have to do is answer those three questions, and in return, your Walmart Plus free trial period doubles from 15 days to 30 days.

As well as the core offering of Walmart Plus—deliveries "as soon as same day" and the same prices as in-store—there are other benefits included with the plan. Here's what you should know before signing up. And for another update from Walmart, check out You'll Never See These in Walmart Again After a Failed 3-Year Experiment.

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You can save on gas.

closeup of someone pumping gas at gas station

Walmart Plus members can save 5 cents per gallon on fuel at Walmart & Murphy stations. And for another perk that's making a comeback, here's The One Thing Customers Have Missed Most That Walmart Is Bringing Back.

And take advantage of Sam's Club perks, too.

A Sam's Club gas station, operated by Walmart.
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Walmart Plus members can also take advantage Sam's Club member prices at Sam's Club Fuel centers, without being a Sam's Club member themselves. And for more news from this superstore, check out Sam's Club Is Delivering This to You for the First Time.

Use easy contact-free checkout at Walmart stores.

customer scanning app at walmart register

For customers who are still visiting stores but want to minimize the time spent there, the Walmart Plus Scan-and-Go app allows you to scan your items as you go around the store, and pay with a contact-free checkout. And for more on how to save money at Walmart, check out how This Secret Trick Will Get You the Best of Walmart's Clearance Sales.

And get your deliveries in one-hour windows.

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For free delivery from Walmart Plus, orders need to be over $35 with 160,000 items currently available for selection. So, while there are some restrictions, the good news is, unlike most grocery delivery services, they give you an hourlong delivery window. And for info on where working at Walmart puts the most cash in your pocket, check out This Is the State Where Walmart Employees Are Paid the Best.

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