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If You Bought This From Walmart, Stop Using It Immediately

A recall was just issued for a Walmart-exclusive product due to an injury hazard.

From product shortages to consumer recalls, shoppers have become accustomed to finding certain products missing from stores over the last year. Walmart has been the site of a number of recalls recently, given the massive assortment of products the mega-retailer sells nationwide. In October and November, Walmart was the focal point for two massive recalls brought on by separate investigations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into nationwide illnesses. Shoppers who bought aromatherapy sprays and certain onions from Walmart were advised to dispose of them immediately. Now, the mega-retailer is having to pull a Walmart-exclusive product from its shelves. Read on to find out what is now being recalled.

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Hart Consumer Products has recalled 15,700 nail guns.

Hart consumer products brad nailer recall
Hart Consumer Products

Hart Consumer Products has recalled about 15,700 units of its Hart 18-Gauge 2-inch Brad Nailers, according to a Nov. 10 recall notice from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). These nail guns were recalled due to an unattended injury hazard, but the agency said that no incidents or injuries have been reported yet.

"The contact sensor on the nailer can malfunction and involuntarily discharge a nail, posing a risk of serious injury to the user or bystanders," the CPSC stated in its announcement. According to Hart Consumer Products, this is because the malfunction affects the nail gun's contact sensor, allowing the tool to release a nail without having to contact a work surface first.

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This product was sold exclusively at Walmart.

Pittsburgh, USA - September 25, 2017 Walmart Supercenter in Robinson Township, west of downtown Pittsburgh. iPhone

According to the CPSC, the recalled nail guns were sold exclusively at Walmart. Impacted nailers were sold at Walmart stores nationwide from April through September of this year, as well on Walmart's online site. They cost around $130 to $160. The big box retailer is still selling several HART tools on its website, but the Brad Nailer is no longer listed for sale under Walmart's HART Nailers and Staplers section.

You should check your tool collection for any impacted nailers.

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The white, blue, and black handheld tools have the name "HART" on the side in white type on a black background, alongside white type on a blue background that says "18ga BRAD NAILER" on the side of the nail tray or magazine.

But there are only four model numbers that fall under the current recall: HPNR01, HPNR01B, HPNR01B-SK, and HPNR01BNCA. If you're looking at the tools, the model numbers are located on the side of the nail tray or magazine where you would load nails.

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If you have one of the recalled nailers, do not use it.

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Despite no injuries being reported so far, authorities are asking you not to use any nail gun that has been recalled. "Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled nailer and return it to any Walmart USA store for a full refund," the CPSC advises.

You can also return your items for free by mail using a scheduled pickup from your home. Consumers looking to schedule a free pickup should call 800-776-5191. And if you have any other questions about the recall, Hart Consumer Products advises you to contact their customer service.

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