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Walmart Shoppers Say They're Switching to Amazon Over a Major Delivery Problem

Several customers have complained about similar issues with their orders.

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Walmart sees millions of shoppers enter its big-box stores every week. But nowadays, you don't actually have to leave your home to shop Walmart deals. The retailer has countless products available for online ordering, with deliveries for things like groceries happening as soon as that day. Shoppers can even give associates permission to deliver their orders directly inside their homes with Walmart's recently expanded InHome service. But despite all the company has to offer, some shoppers have started noticing a trouble problem with deliveries—and it has prompted some to switch to Amazon. Read on to find out why certain customers are taking their business elsewhere.

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More people are ordering groceries online these days.

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Online grocery shopping has been big business for years, but it truly exploded after the pandemic hit.

In 2021, more than 70 percent of U.S. households reported ordering their groceries online at least once, according to a survey from grocery analyst firms Brick Meets Click and Mercatus. And in 2022, another survey from PowerReviews revealed that 72 percent of people shop online for groceries more often now than they did prior to the pandemic.

"In the post-COVID era, grocery shoppers continue to buy online at high levels," Andrew Smith, the vice president of marketing at PowerReviews, said in a statement, per Grocery Dive.

According to the PowerReviews survey, 68 percent of respondents are choosing to have these online orders fulfilled by pickup or delivery from traditional grocery or big-box stores rather than non-traditional grocery outlets like Amazon Fresh. But now, some shoppers are rethinking their buying choices.

Walmart shoppers are complaining about missing grocery orders.

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The convenience of grocery delivery is turning out not-so-convenient for some Walmart customers. On Dec. 1, shopper Kayla Hicks-Frangos told ABC-affiliate WCIV in Lowcountry, South Carolina, that her delivery orders from the big-box retailer have been missing recently.

"I was doing small orders here and there, and it kept repeatedly happening to me," Hicks-Frangos told the news outlet. "I would order one or two small items, and it would say that it was delivered, but it wouldn't show up."

According to Hicks-Frangos, her issues have been tied to Walmart's Uber delivery option. "I brought up those concerns to customer service when I spoke to them, and they told me, 'Oh, I'll tell the higher-ups,' but as far as I know, they didn't take that into consideration because it's still happening to people," she said.

On social media, other shoppers have noted problems with missing delivery orders from Walmart—and not just groceries. "Walmart get it together. Y'all's delivery service is slacking," one person tweeted on Nov. 13. "Love waiting on an order all day that's never showed up!"

Another Twitter user tagged Walmart in a post on Nov. 27 saying, "Made a delivery order on Wednesday. Never showed up. Tried again today, never showed up."

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Some say they're switching to Amazon delivery.

Fort Collins, CO, USA - March 31, 2020: Brown bags with groceries delivered to home from Whole Food Market and ordered through Amazon Prime. Online shopping during coronavirus pandemic.

Some shoppers are so frustrated with continued problems over missing Walmart orders that they're considering giving up on the retailer altogether for delivery services.

"I've switched to just using Amazon for the most part," Hicks-Frangos told WCIV. "If there's something I really need off of Walmart, I will get it, but I definitely don't use them like I was because it's such a hassle, and Amazon is always tried and true and never does me wrong."

The South Carolina shopper is hardly the only one making this switch as well. "@Walmart this is the last time I will order online from you," one Twitter user said on Nov. 29. "My package again is not here. Amazon might be a bit more [money] but rarely do they miss deliveries."

Another user tweeted on Nov. 23, "Just saying that Walmart delivery service sucks. It's a coin flip on if you'll get your items after you order them. Guess I'll stick with Amazon and Instacart."

Walmart advises customers follow these steps if their order is missing.

New York NY USA-June 12, 2019 Boxes laden with purchases from Walmart are left in the unsecured vestibule of an apartment building in New York

Many shoppers have also detailed experiences where their Walmart order was marked as delivered on tracking services despite being MIA. For an order that was not received, the retailer recommends customers take a number of steps.

If your scheduled delivery order is missing despite tracking information showing your package was delivered, Walmart says you should select the Customer Service button on your order. "Request a refund by starting a return," the retailer advises.

But if you have a shipping order that says it has arrived but you can't find it, Walmart suggests you hold off before contacting its customer service. "Wait two business days to see if it arrives. It's rare, but sometimes carriers may mark packages as delivered before they arrive," the retailer explains on its website.

In the meantime, Walmart recommends that you look around the delivery location for you order, and ask your household or neighbors if they've seen it. If you order has still not shown up after two days, you can contact customer service.

Best Life has reached out to Walmart about customer complaints over missing delivery orders, but has not yet heard back.

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