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Here Are the Wackiest Christmas Tree Alternatives People Are Decorating This Year

Is it possible to be too creative? Apparently so.

One of the biggest trends this holiday season appears to be coming up with an alternative version of a Christmas tree. After all, we all love a spruced up, well, spruce, but coming up with a festive alternative can be a great way to showcase your creativity and save a little money in the process. Some of these alt trees, like this plant strung up with lights, are very pretty and perfect for a small space.

Others, like this tree made from chocolate ornaments, are both original and yummy.

This "tree" made from polaroids stuck to a life-size cut-out of its maker doing a yoga "tree" pose is highly personalized and fun.

And this tree makes good use of all the spare parts left behind by children doing arts and crafts.

Others, however, are a bit bizarre, like this tree made from blown-up surgical gloves that looks like something out of a child's nightmare.

Or this tree made out of traffic cones.

You gotta admire the craftsmanship that went into welding this one, but it does look a bit Tim Burton-esque.

And you really can't just hang decorations around your shower curtain and call it a tree.


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This one is just sad (though bonus points for being eco-friendly!).

And while the idea behind this is sweet, it could have used a better photo.

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