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USPS Is Temporarily Suspending Services in These States, Effective Now

The agency has adjusted operations at post offices in Indiana, Illinois, and South Carolina.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) strives to provide mailing resources for people across the U.S. on a near daily basis. But the agency isn't always able to keep things moving without some hiccups here and there. As we move toward the colder seasons, customers should be prepared for their post offices to close unexpectedly or for deliveries to be delayed amid hazardous weather—something we saw happen in several states last winter. But even now, other safety concerns are prompting temporary changes from the Postal Service. Read on to discover more about the latest USPS service suspensions.

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The USPS is temporarily suspending services in three states.

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The Postal Service may pull back on normal operations for a number of reasons, including natural disasters, travel obstructions, and other hazardous conditions. But when certain places are affected by delivery suspensions or post office closures, the agency works to keep customers informed through its Service Alerts website.

With this online tool, you can check for "current, frequently-updated information about whether mail is being delivered to your neighborhood or if your local Post Office is open," according to the USPS. As of Oct. 1o, the latest updates to the website indicate that there are new residential service disruptions impacting three different states: Indiana, Illinois, and South Carolina.

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A South Carolina facility was closed for safety concerns.

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Some postal customers in South Carolina are facing a temporary postal shutdown. The USPS updated its Service Alerts website on Oct. 6 to warn residents in Chesnee, South Carolina, that a local post office had been "temporarily closed due to safety concerns."

The Postal Service did not elaborate on what safety concerns are involved in the closure of the facility, which is located at 103 E Chester Street. Best Life reached out to the USPS to get more information on the Chesnee Post Office service suspension, and we will update this story with the agency's response.

In a separate local press release, the USPS noted that all operations will be temporarily suspended at the Chesnee Post Office "until further notice." During the closure, customers are being directed to seek retail and P.O. Box services at a Mobile Retail Unit (MRU) that has been set up onsite in the parking lot of the facility.

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The agency is warning about building issues at an Indiana post office.

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Safety issues have also initiated the temporary closure of a facility in Indiana. Prior to the South Carolina closure, the USPS updated its Safety Alerts website on Sept. 28 to inform customers that operations at the Kewanna Post Office in Kewanna, Indiana, are now "temporarily suspended due to safety concerns."

In a separate local press release also posted on Sept. 28, the agency further explained that its concerns are "regarding the building conditions" at the affected facility, which is located at 203 E Main Street.

"Street delivery to Kewanna customers will not be affected," the Postal Service noted in its release.

During the closure, retail services, P.O. Box mail, and package pickup are being handled at the Rochester Post Office on 601 E 9th Street.

"Currently, there is no information on when repairs to the Kewanna Post Office will be complete," the USPS stated.

When Best Life reached out to the agency to find out if a reopening date has been established yet, a spokesperson said that there is "no new or additional information at this time."

Operations have also been suspended in Illinois.

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Certain Chicago customers are also dealing with postal disruptions right now. On Sept. 29, the USPS issued an alert to notify residents about a service suspension at the Henry McGee Post Office. This facility is located on the south side of the city in the neighborhood of Bronzeville, at 4601 S. Cottage Grove.

Retail operations at the Henry McGee Post Office "are temporarily suspended due to technical difficulties," according to the Postal Service. "The station is accepting prepaid packages and is open for P.O. Box mail service," the agency added in its alert.

If you need retail services, the USPS is directing affected customers to three alternative facilities: Lake Park Postal Store, Jackson Park Post Office, or James E. Worsham Post Office.

Best Life reached out to the agency for more information on the Henry McGee Post Office closure, and we will update this story with its response.

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