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USPS Is Suspending This Service, Effective Immediately

The postal agency is dealing with a major impediment in one area.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is responsible for delivering mail to millions across the country—but don't take this service for granted, because there's always a chance it could be taken away from you. The agency has previously warned customers that it occasionally has to stop bringing you your mail. The reason could be something as simple as your mailbox being blocked or an unruly dog on the premises. But service suspensions are not always the customer's fault, as hazardous conditions and natural disasters can also result in mail carriers skipping your residence. In fact, the Postal Service just had to suspend service in one area for something out of its control. Read on to find out what USPS service is currently being impacted.

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USPS has previously suspended services for different reasons this year.

usps mailperson delivering mail

The Postal Service strives to provide uninterrupted service to all—but that's not always possible. Back in March, the agency suspended international mail services to Russia amid the country's invasion of Ukraine.

On the local front, there have also been at least three areas that have lost delivery services in the past few months due to attacks on mail carriers. In April, residents in Santa Monica received notice of a mail suspension due to "multiple carriers [having] been subjected to assaults and threats of assault" from one individual, according to the USPS. Then in May, residents in one Greenfield, Indiana, neighborhood were told the agency would not reinstate delivery service "until residents install curbside mailboxes," after loose dogs had left one carrier so injured she needed 50 stitches. And just last month, pit bull attacks in Des Moines, Iowa, caused delivery to be suspended from a neighborhood.

Now, the USPS has had to suspend its services in another part of the U.S. for a different problem entirely.

The agency just suspended services elsewhere.

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The USPS just halted operations at its Processing and Distribution Center in St. Louis, Missouri, eSeller365 reported on July 27. According to the commerce news outlet, the agency released an industry alert late July 26 informing the public about this change. The alert states that all operations at this facility are "temporarily suspended due to flooding," adding that this has gone into effect immediately.

Mail is being diverted to a parcel support annex in Hazelwood, Missouri, according to the alert. But as eSeller 365 explained, the St. Louis Processing and Distribution Center services about 3.8 million people in the area, while the Hazelwood facility is much smaller—making the "operational loss" of this closure hard to make up.

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St. Louis has been hit with historic flooding.

car in flood water

St. Louis and surrounding areas have been experiencing historic and widespread flash flooding that has already killed at least one person, according to CNN. The floods are the result of record-breaking rainfall in the region, with St. Louis alone experiencing more than 9 inches of rain falling between July 25 and 26—surpassing the former highest 24-hour rainfall record from 1915, per the National Weather Service (NWS).

"Until USPS can resume operations and clear its backlog of mail stuck at surrounding locations, shipments to the area may experience delays. This could go on for days, maybe longer," eSeller365 said. "It is unclear if the flooding caused damage to any mail."

At least one post office in the area has also been closed.

United States Post Office (USPS) location; The USPS is an independent agency of the executive branch of the US federal government

The USPS post office on Market Street in St. Louis faced fire and flooding this week, local Fox-affiliate KTVI reported on July 27. Dennis Jenkerson, the city's fire chief, told the news outlet that his department was called to the post office early in the morning on July 26 due to the flooding contributing to electrical issues and smoke in the basement. As a result, the post office is currently listed as temporarily closed on Google.

The Postal Service is expediting repairs to the post office "to ensure we're fully operational," USPS spokesperson Mark Inglett told KLVT. "Flooding conditions presented some challenges for us, and we are reallocating resources, making every effort to provide delivery, however the safety of our employees is a top priority," he added.

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