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Twitter Unites to Help Father Find Rare Gift for Autistic Son

Sometimes, the Internet is a kind place.

Every so often, a story comes around that restores your faith in humanity and reminds you that social media has the enormous power of being an instrument of goodwill, as opposed to just a platform for trolling. This is one of those stories.

On Sunday, London resident James Dutton put up a desperate plea on Twitter. His 19-year-old son, Thomas, who is severely autistic, is obsessed with a British children's show from the '80s called "Postman Pat."

He watches the videos on YouTube, but asked for a physical copy of "Postman Pat's Prize Postbag" for Christmas. This posed a bit of a problem for Dutton, as the 1981 film had long ceased to be distributed.

His only solution was to find a Good Samaritan on social media who might own a copy and sell it to him.

The tweet quickly went viral, as people scrambled together to find him a copy.

Word spread around and even got the head execs involved.

But ultimately, it was just one ordinary person that came through and saved the day.

Obviously, Dutton was elated.

Thanks to Twitter, looks like it's going to be a pretty great Christmas.

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