Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Daughter Taught Him a Very Important Lesson at His Wedding

"Keep on going down the road."

In August, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson surprised his fans when he revealed on Instagram that he and his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, had tied the knot at a stunning seaside ceremony in Hawaii. 

Since then, the newlyweds have been blessing fans with photos from the big day.

This week, Johnson shared an emotional post about how his best man and groomsmen captured the spirits of his "loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with us."

And Hashian shared this adorable photo of their daughters, three-year-old Jasmine and one-year-old Tiana, looking positively angelic as their flower girls.

Recently, Johnson posted on Instagram that while Jasmine "took the role very seriously," she was also pretty feisty about it.

"I quickly realized she was determined to not gently lay the flowers, but rather intensely throw the flowers with ruthless aggression and a wicked smile," he wrote.

He then shared another post that showed his ability to see the deeper meaning behind the smallest of moments. When Jasmine stumbled while walking down the aisle, and all of the petals fell out of her basket, she surprised him with her reaction. Instead of crying, she just calmly put the petals back into the basket and carried on.

"This moment was a cool and critical (and beautiful) microcosm for a much bigger thing in her life—you will stumble and fall," he wrote. "We all do. But be accountable, get back up, dust yourself off, laugh and keep on going down the road."

Johnson helped Jasmine get back on her feet and, later, gave her "the biggest, sugariest piece of wedding cake" ever, because "that's what loving and responsible fathers do."

They clearly have the sweetest daddy-daughter bond.

Johnson is no stranger to penning inspiring posts on Instagram, where he's constantly reminding people that there's nothing emasculating about being sensitive and vulnerable. When Tiana was born in 2017, his Instagram post was filled with endless gratitude for being surrounded by strong women. "I wouldn't have it any other way," he wrote sweetly. And for more inspiring words on fatherhood from famous faces, here are 33 Amazing Quotes About Fatherhood Only Dads Will Truly Understand.

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