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This Teacher's Letter to the Tooth Fairy on Behalf of a First Grader Will Make You Smile

It's so sweet, it'll give you a toothache.

Last week, a first grader in Pennsylvania named Lily Sciulli lost her tooth at school. Like most kids, she was excited about handing it over to the tooth fairy that night in order to claim her reward. But then, Lily accidentally threw the tooth out at lunch and was in tears.

Luckily, Laura Roth was there to save the day. In an effort to dry Lily's eyes, the first grade teacher at Burchfield Primary School in Shaler Township quickly penned the following letter to the tooth fairy:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I can confirm with full confidence and authority that Lily lost her tooth at school today. In the excitement and chaos of lunchtime, it was tragically thrown away by accident. We will ask Mr. Fred to keep an eye out for it, but we're pretty sure he won't find it. Please take this note as proof of tooth loss. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time. I hope you are doing well!"


Mrs. Roth

teacher writes letter to tooth fairy, goes viral
Sara Sciulli

In turns out, this wasn't the first time Lily lost a tooth and then… lost the tooth. When reached by phone for an interview, her mother, Sara Sciulli, said, "Lily told me, 'My tooth is so loose,' but she didn't want me to pull it out. I told her not to lose it at school like she did with her first tooth." (Wow, moms really are always right.)

When Sara picked Lily up at school, she told her, "I lost my tooth, and I threw it away," Sara recalled. But the crisis was averted. "She told me it was okay as Mrs. Roth wrote a note to the tooth fairy."

little girl named lily loses tooth, teacher writes letter to tooth fairy
Sara Sciulli

Lily placed the note on her bed and woke up in the morning, which happened to also be her 7th birthday, to find a $2 reward from the tooth fairy. "She came in the morning, all excited, that the tooth fairy read the note, left her $2, and wished her a happy birthday," Sara said.

The tooth fairy's response read:


Yay! You have lost your third tooth! Number four will be coming out soon! Here is a small gift to help you celebrate. Thank you for the note from Mrs. Roth. I wish I could have your tooth, maybe I will go to your school and look for it. Also, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! You are getting so big. I love to watch you grow. It means I get even more teeth! Keep the teeth coming, and try not to lose any more. They are my favorite things in the whole wide world!!!


The Tooth Fairy

lily loses tooth, mrs. roth pens letter to tooth fairy
Sara Sciulli

Roth's letter was posted on Twitter and Imgur, where it quickly began going viral and warming the hearts of everyone who read it. The story was even featured on Good Morning America.

"She got to see herself on TV, people started contacting us. It has been pretty cool," Sara said. "Lily told me that people are now asking for her autograph."

But for Roth, who's been at Burchfield Primary School for six years, it was just another day at work.

"I have known the tooth fairy for about 25 years…when I lost my first tooth," Roth said when reached by phone. "It is just what we all do at the school. I have done it before. It's just an easy way to make kids feel better when they lose their tooth."

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