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Shopper Claims Target Is "Ripping Off People"—Here's What to Check For

Customers say prices at the register are different from those on the shelves.

No doubt about it: Retail therapy is real. For many shoppers, the ideal spot to blow off some steam is at Target. There's just something about wandering the aisles at these brightly-lit stores, where you're nearly guaranteed to find goodies that spark joy. However, if you're a frequent Target shopper, proceed with caution on your next spree, as some customers allege that the retail giant is "ripping off people" and overcharging. Read on to find out what they say you should look for after you check out.

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Shoppers cited issues months ago.


Check your receipts when you shop @target #Target #ripoff

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Price discrepancies at Target are apparently nothing new, as one shopped noted in January. In a TikTok video posted by @khangfu, the shopper films his Target receipt and copies of additional slips for price adjustments.

"Target is straight [up] ripping off people, look at all the adjustments that had to be made to my receipt," he says in the video. "I bought like 12 items, and [with] almost half of them, the price was wrong."

He continues, "This is the fourth time this has happened to me, where I bought like 10 items, and over half of them [are] priced higher than what is listed on the shelf."

The TikToker also posted clips of the shelf prices for the items he bought, showing Good & Gather butter that rang up for $4.69 but was on the shelf for $2.79, and Simply Orange High Pulp orange juice, which rang up for $4.19, but was on the shelf for $3.99. He concludes by advising his fellow shoppers to "check your receipts" in order to compare prices.

Best Life reached out to Target for comment, and we will update the story with its response.

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Customers are still reporting problems.


WATCH your Target Receipts! Like most, I like Target. However- have you seen where people are claiming they are over-charging big time while you're not paying attention? Something is going on here, and I was almost scammed on $10 just for this one item alone. PAY attention at checkout guys, has this happened to you?

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While several commenters chimed in on @khangfu's video to share similar experiences, another shopper issued a word of caution earlier this month. In an Oct. 8 video, TikTok user @realjessewolfe said he was significantly overcharged.

"Have you guys seen on social media where people are being severely overcharged at Target? Like the price on the shelf doesn't match when they go to ring up? Or worse, they get home and they realize that everything on their list or receipt was severely overcharged? That just happened to me," he says in the video.

The TikToker goes on to explain that he needed a bike pump, which was listed as $12.59 online and on the shelf at the Target store he visited.

"When I go to ring it up, it rang up $22.99—$10 more," @realjessewolfe says, adding that he called an employee over for assistance who "quickly overrode it and sent me on my way like nothing happened."

He adds that it was "pretty suspicious" and also urges shoppers to check their receipts.

In the caption, he wrote, "Something is going on here, and I was almost scammed on $10 just for one item alone. PAY attention at checkout guys."

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Some struggled with getting discounts applied, too.

Target retail store customers checkout line separated from cashier

In the comment section of @realjessewolfe's video, shoppers echoed these issues, with one writing, "I have this happen a lot at target."

Another added, "Yes, I went back in, took a picture and made them refund me! [Three of the five] items I purchased were wrong!"

Yet another shopper said that when they checked out at Target, a discount from the Target Circle Rewards program (formerly called Cartwheel) wasn't applied either. "That happened to me. yesterday. And same, the cashier overrode it the second I said something. Hmmm."

Overcharging previously resulted in lawsuits and hefty fines for Target and other retailers.

Walmart is an American corporation with chains of department and warehouse stores. Walmart has more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries.

Customers may be noticing more issues now, but Target has faced legal battles over pricing.

Earlier this year, both Target and Walmart were hit with a lawsuit, with the plaintiff alleging that the retailers have "shelf pricing" that "frequently misrepresents the prices consumers are charged at the point of sale." Last year, Target was also ordered to pay $5 million in penalties to settle a separate lawsuit related to price discrepancies in its mobile app.

However, these issues appear to be widespread, as commenters on @realjessewolfe's TikTok say they've been overcharged at grocery stores, Lowe's, PetSmart, and Old Navy. Those stores are not the first to be called out either, as Dollar General, Walmart, Wegmans, Walgreens, and several other big-name retailers have been fined and sued for overcharging customers.

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