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Hilarious Horse Named Tango Goes Viral for Thinking He's a Dog

Who doesn't love a belly rub?

Oftentimes, when you see horses locked up on a farm, you feel sorry for them, because you figure they'd rather be wild and free out in the wild.

But not Tango. He's got all the comforts of barn living combined with the freedom of an unbridled pasture, and he knows it.

Tango is basically a dog. He loves snackies.

Much like a dog, he is willing to engage in a bit of deception for tasty treats.

And boy, does he get his wish.

He very much appreciates belly rubs.

He doesn't love costumes but will deal if they get him extra pets.

But only if he also gets snackies!

Because snackies are life.

If the costumes doesn't yield snackies, he is not down.

He's also great at fetch.

After his owner posted about his reticence to stay in the barn, Tango went viral.

"We built the HORF a barn two winters ago for when the weather is bad," his owner wrote, "filled it with hay and feed, and yet I can guarantee you when there are a few inches of snow on the ground in a few days, that [fool] will be standing alone in the middle of the pasture, miserable… My dad is building a gate to attach to the barn so he can trap the HORF in it during the snow, because otherwise Tango will go lay down in the feet of snow and just become a horse-cicle because he is too stupid to understand a barn."

He may not be the brightest bulb, but everybody loves Tango.

This is especially true for the Internet.

So there's really only one question left: where are the extra snackies?!

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