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"DWTS" Pro Sharna Burgess Says She "Couldn't Be Alone With" One Star

Burgess spoke out about her Season 29 partner, Jesse Metcalfe. See how he responded.

It's no surprise that not all Dancing with the Stars pros get along perfectly with the celebrities they're paired with—but one dancer says that she couldn't "be in the room alone" with her partner. On the first episode of her podcast Oldish, Sharna Burgess shared that she found her Season 29 partner to be "really difficult." Burgess did not name the celeb, but it's easy enough to deduce that she was talking about actor Jesse Metcalfe.

Burgess referred to the star she had an issue with by sharing that it was the first partner she had when she returned to the show after not competing in Season 28—which would make it Metcalfe, her Season 29 partner. Burgess did not go far into details when talking about the actor, but said she felt she couldn't be alone with him. Metcalfe then responded via a statement from his publicist. Read on to find out more.

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Burgess talked about leaving DWTS for a season.

Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess at "Dancing with the Stars" in 2018
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Burgess co-hosts the new podcast Oldish with her boyfriend, actor Brian Austin Green, and life coach Randy Spelling. On the premiere episode from Sept. 12, Burgess talked about winning the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars with radio personality Bobby Bones.

"My win with Bobby was I think the most explosive and controversial win of Dancing with the Stars history, and so I got caught up in this whirlwind of hate for that win, which was really yucky," the Australian dancer said.

As reported by Us Weekly, DWTS fans were upset about the win, because the pair received low scores from the judges, but Bones' fans kept them in the competition with their votes all the way to the end. Burgess then was off of the show for Season 28, but returned the following year.

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She claimed she couldn't be alone with Metcalfe.

Sharna Burgess and Jesse Metcalfe on "DWTS"

It was during the conversation about returning to DWTS that Burgess brought up Metcalfe, though she did not name him.

"They had me back the following season, and I had a partner that was really difficult. And to not say too much because I don't want to, but I wasn't able to be in the room alone with him after the first couple of weeks because of things that happened," the 38-year-old said. "And so that was rocky and we were eliminated very quickly."

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Metcalfe responded to Burgess' remarks.

Jesse Metcalfe at the Icons of LA Awards and Jesse Metcalfe's Deluxe Version Magazine Cover Release in 2023
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Metcalfe's publicist responded to Burgess saying she couldn't be alone with Metcalfe.

"If Ms. Burgess is referring to a time where our client Jesse Metcalfe worked with her four years ago in DWTS, the only recollection was that they didn't get along. Vague insinuations are not only reckless but also irrelevant," his rep tells Best Life. "There is no story here. Our client is a gentleman and has chosen to take the high road."

(DWTS Season 29 actually aired three years ago, premiering in Sept. 2020.)

Burgess and Metcalfe talked about their relationship at the time.

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna Burgess on "DWTS"

When DWTS Season 29 was airing, Burgess and Metcalfe spoke about their connection in interviews. They made it clear that it wasn't always smooth sailing between them, but they were generally kind about one another.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Burgess said that while they were getting to know each other, "We didn't necessarily argue. We had moments of understanding."

In the same interview, Metcalfe said, "We had some deep chats, some minor disagreements. You know, we went through the whole gamut, I feel like, which brought us closer really."

When they were the fourth couple eliminated from the show, Burgess spoke positively about Metcalfe. She told Entertainment Tonight that she "saw more in Jesse" that viewers at home didn't get to see.

"I can say that wholeheartedly, being his coach, and knowing and seeing the potential in him," she said. "We even talked a lot about his potential between us tonight."

Metcalfe told ET, "Overall it was just such an amazing experience. It was very challenging but incredibly rewarding."

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