See the Swimsuit Photos Meghan Markle Deleted from Her Instagram

We'll always have the memories—and the screenshots.

See the Swimsuit Photos Meghan Markle Deleted from Her Instagram

Even though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made it clear that they plan to break the rules as a royal couple, there’s some protocol that they clearly plan on diligently following.

Case in point: shortly after their engagement announcement, Markle deleted her social media accounts, given that royals aren’t allowed to have personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Unlike Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski, Markle has never been one to post nude selfies. Nonetheless, the photos that she used to put up that pictures her doing yoga in her swimsuit or lounging around in bed are no longer appropriate for the bride-to-be.

But everything that’s even been on the Internet lives forever, and longtime fans of the Suits star took screenshots of some to save them for posterity.

So, RIP to photos of Markle doing advanced yoga poses on a rocky shore by the sea.

meghan markle does a yoga pose in her bathing suit in photo from now deleted Insta account.

No more photos of Meghan Markle luxuriously bathing in a swimming pool in paradise.

meghan markle in swimming pool from deleted instagram account

Or wading in the shallow waters of exotic locales.

meghan markle sits in sea in deleted instagram post.

Or drinking a glass of wine, seemingly topless, in a private pool.

meghan markle sits in pool in photo from now deleted instagram account.

Sultry selfies like these are now reserved for Prince Harry.

meghan markle selfie from her deleted instagram

And we probably won’t be getting many snaps of morning cuddles in bed either.

meghan markle cuddles dog in bed on instagram

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