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5 Secrets About Shopping on Wayfair, According to Experts

Use this info to get the most out of your next shopping spree on the home decor website.

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Whether you're looking to replace a worn-out sofa or want to fully redo your bedroom, Wayfair can make it easy to find the furniture and decor items you need. The online-only home goods store makes it possible to shop for everything from dining room tables to duvet covers without having to undergo the stress of a busy showroom. But just like any e-commerce experience, it can pay to know more about the website you're dealing with. Read on for secrets about shopping on Wayfair, according to retail experts.

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They hold a huge sale at least once a year.

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Everyone knows that holding off until Black Friday or Cyber Monday can be an easy way to score some of the best deals of the year. But what many shoppers may not realize is that Wayfair hosts its own major event known as Way Day when the site offers some of its deepest discounts.

"Like Amazon's Prime Day, Wayfair has a huge sale day that might just be the best time of year to shop the retailer's wares," Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at, tells Best Life.

"Typically, the holiday falls during April, but in 2022 Wayfair hosted two events—one in April and another in October—although the second one was meant to coincide with Amazon's second Prime Day event. However, that may have been a one-off, and you shouldn't count on there being a second Way Day event in 2023," she advises.

Try waiting it out on purchases you don't need right away.

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Shopping online can often be the easiest way to replace an essential piece of furniture in a pinch. But if you're just perusing Wayfair for an eventual upgrade or a "nice to have" item, you might be better off biding your time before you cash out your shopping cart.

"Even if you need something right away, if it's not on sale, it's worth waiting a little bit to see if it'll get cheaper. Wayfair actually has sales pretty frequently, though some are obviously better than others," Ramhold says.

"Try adding an item you're interested in to your cart or putting it on a wishlist. There's a chance that they'll email you to remind you to check out and may offer modest savings via a promo code to entice you to make the purchase," she explains. "You may also just receive a notification when something you've looked at is on sale, which means you can jump on that deal rather than finding that you missed out down the road."

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Sign up for the company's email list for a solid discount.

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If you've been "browser window shopping" Wayfair items for a while but have yet to pull the trigger on a sale, you may be in for some savings. Experts say you could get a considerable discount just by joining the company's mailing list at checkout.

"It's not a guarantee, but if you're a new Wayfair shopper, you may receive a coupon for 10 percent off your first purchase when you sign up for emails," Ramhold says. "If you don't receive a special offer, you can also reach out to customer service and very nicely ask if there's anything they can offer you in way of savings for your first purchase. However, beware that they may require you to place your order directly via customer service if you end up going this route."

Consider getting a co-branded credit card for extra benefits.

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These days, co-branded credit cards can help you do things such as securing upgrades on flights or getting cash back on certain swipes. And like many other large retailers, Wayfair offers its own in-house card. If you know you'll be dropping a lot of money on home goods after a big move or during a major remodel, experts say it might be worth signing yourself up.

"If you really like shopping at Wayfair, you may want to consider getting a Wayfair credit card," Ramhold suggests. "Not only could you end up with welcome rewards to sweeten the deal, but you earn 5 percent in rewards on every purchase, which you can then turn around and use for other purchases. The good news is that the card also offers rewards earned by shopping elsewhere, but you should make sure this is really the route you want to go before applying."

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You can still use special promo codes during sales.

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There's nothing like finding the perfect piece you've been looking for and discovering it's also on sale. But what Wayfair shoppers may not realize is that they can also stack some of the site's promo codes on discounted items to really increase their savings. However, there are still some important caveats to this strategy.

"This is going to vary depending on what you're shopping for since Wayfair has a huge list of brands that are excluded from promo codes," says Ramhold. "However, if you manage to find something that isn't excluded and a sale happens to be going on at the same time, you should be able to combine the two for even more savings."

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