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"School of Rock" Star Dies at 32. Here's How His Co-Stars Remember Him

Kevin Clark, who starred as drummer Freddy, died in an accident while riding his bike.

Tragic news came Wednesday for family, friends, and fans of a former child actor who appeared in a beloved movie. On Wednesday, Kevin Clark, who starred in School of Rock as a 12-year-old, died after being hit by a car while riding his bike. The news was reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, which explained that Clark was biking in the Chicago neighborhood of Avondale.

Clark, who played the student band's drummer, Freddy a.k.a. Spazzy McGee, in School of Rock, did not continue to act following the film, but he did stick with music. In fact, his drumming skills were the reason he was cast in the movie in the first place. His mother told the Chicago-Sun Times that they responded to a casting call seeking 10 to 12 year olds with musical talent to be in a film with Jack Black.

Clark had recently started a new band that had just performed live for the first time this past weekend. Additionally, the Chicago-Sun Times reported that Clark had been a manager at Starbucks, taught music at a School of Rock music lessons location, and been in other bands over the years.

In response to the news, several of Clark's School of Rock co-stars paid tribute to him on social media. Read on to see what they had to say about their long-time friend.

Jack Black

Jack Black and Kevin Clark at a 10-year "School of Rock" reunion in 2013
Rick Kern/Getty Images

Black led the 2003 movie as a substitute teacher who formed a rock band with his students in order to enter a competition. On Instagram, he posted a photo of himself and Clark in School of Rock alongside a more recent photo of them together.

"Devastating news," Black wrote. "Kevin is gone. Way too soon. Beautiful soul. So many great memories. Heartbroken. Sending love to his family and the whole School of Rock community."

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Miranda Cosgrove

An old photo of Miranda Cosgrove and Kevin Clark when they were kids
© Miranda Cosgrove / Instagram

Miranda Cosgrove, who went on to star in the series iCarly, played Summer, the band's manager. She shared several photos of herself with Clark and other castmates on Instagram and wrote, "Stunned and saddened by this news today. The world lost an amazing soul. I'll always remember your spirit and how kind you were to me. I'll never forget all the memories. You'll always be missed Kevin."

Rivkah Reyes

Rivkah Reyes, who starred as Katie, the bass guitar player, had remained close friends with Clark and noted on Instagram that they had just spoken to him the day before.

"i'm absolutely heartbroken," Reyes wrote. "kev was my first friend on set. we instantly connected over being jews from chicago. he introduced me to green day and was the catalyst for my pop punk phase (which hasn't ended.) he was always supportive of me and my endeavors. his family would often come to my comedy shows and plays, and every time [Black's band] tenacious D was in town, we would go together. we would sometimes run into each other randomly in chicago and he always gave me the biggest, warmest hugs."

Reyes also sent their love to Clark's family and friends, and shared additional memories on Twitter. They also tweeted, "someone in my building is practicing drums. I can't help but feel like that's somehow kevin here with me."

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Brian Falduto

Rivkah Reyes and Kevin Clark in "School of Rock"
Paramount Pictures

Brian Falduto played Billy, the band's stylist, in School of Rock. In his tribute, he reflected on his memories with Clark and the rest of the cast and joked about the costume Billy made Freddy wear.

"I can't believe we lost a member of the family today," he wrote. "I've developed such a love & gratitude over the years for the once-in-a-lifetime experience that School of Rock was. But what's even more amazing is what it's become over the years .. the reverberating impact it's had in our lives & the lives of others. So much of that impact has to do with the once-in-a-lifetime combination of people that was part of that experience. Those same people remain very much a part of my life to this day. We will miss you, Kevin. Thank you for finally forgiving me (in 2016) for making you wear spandex & heels. So, so much love to you, you wickedly talented & wonderfully kind man."

Z Infante

Like many of his other co-stars Z Infante shared old photos of Clark to honor his life. Infante, who played the lighting person for the band, wrote, "My heart is broken tonight as our SOR family grieves the loss of our drummer and chief, Kevin Clark. Please keep his mother and family in your thoughts and prayers. Kevin Was a wild child and who grew into a peaceful young man (yet still a rockstar). The balance he taught me is immeasurable. I remember when we held each other and laughed about old times at the 10 year reunion. Or when his easy going spirit balanced out my type A personality at our recent SOR family gathering. His death is a reminder to tell the people I love that I love them. To practice forgiveness. To express myself creatively. To stick it to the man. I love you Kev."

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