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Sam Neill Posts Adorable Video of His Pet Horse and Sheep, Goes Viral

It's inspired others to share stories of unlikely animal friendships.

In case you didn't know, Sam Neill—forever known for his role in the blockbuster Jurassic Park—lives on a vineyard in a remote and picturesque part of New Zealand, where he produces wine for his company, Two Paddocks, grows saffron and lavender, and canoodles with various "decorative farm animals."

His social media accounts have become somewhat of a sensation thanks to the frequent photos that he posts of these animals, which he said he names after celebrities for "insurance purposes."

"If you name a chicken Meryl Streep," he told Graham Norton in 2016, "you can't eat Meryl Streep."


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I'm always getting #RoseByrne mixed up with #RachaelTaylor. Well, you can see why.

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In June, a photo Neill posted of him doing yoga with his pig even went viral, because it was just too pure.

Now, a video that he recently posted is also going viral, for affectionately displaying the friendship between one of his horses and rams.

He followed up with a beautiful photo of the two embracing, in which he said that "when it rains, the old ram stands under his friend the horse to stay dry." This is simply too much.

What makes it even sweeter is Neill defending these two old boys against anyone mocking how they walk.

Now that the video is going viral, it's prompted more people to share their own heartwarming stories of unlikely animal friendships, like this dog and his two camel best friends.

Or these three ponies and a sheep, who love to take long walks together.

Or Nickel the pony and Monte the dog, who were so inseparable that one passed away just a month after the other.

The list goes on and on, and is a heartwarming reminder of how wonderful animals truly are.

And for a closer look at the wonderful world of unlikely animal friendships, don't miss these 17 Adorable Photos of Puppies Playing With Other Animals.

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