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23 Genius Home Design Tips From the Property Brothers

These Property Brothers design tips are guaranteed to transform your home, courtesy of Drew and Jonathan!

Even if you're not an HGTV devotee, chances are that you've heard of the Property Brothers. The duo—twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott—go around transforming houses on their aptly named series Property Brothers and its many spin-off series. They also have lines of furniture, fabric, bedding, and other décor that fans can't get enough of. Clearly, these HGTV stars know a thing or two about interior design, and they've never been shy about sharing their expertise. Whether you're in the midst of major renovations or just want to add some finishing touches to your décor, here are some of the best Property Brothers design tips to help you transform your space.

Don't be afraid to mix and match materials.

Living room with chairs of different materials

To make your home less cookie cutter, Jonathan suggests mixing and matching materials. "One of the biggest trends is mixed metals, but also mixing many materials to make for more interesting designs," he explained to home improvement company Native Trails. "You never walk into a space where everything is matchy-matchy and typical and then walk away with a feeling of it being unique and wonderful. We go for a very eclectic mix of materials."

A little paint goes a long way.

Woman painting the walls gray

Don't underestimate the power of a coat of paint. "Just freshening up with a bit of paint can go a long way," Drew told AARP. "It can make [a room] feel like a brand-new space."

Use lighter colors to open up small spaces.

Blue living room interior

If you're working with limited space, your best bet is to opt for lighter, brighter colors. "Use a lighter color palette and light fixtures that will brighten the space," Drew told PopSugar about the best ways to maximize a small area.

Get a sofa that's an appropriate size for your space.

Beige couch in a smaller living room

When shopping for a couch, "pick something that both fits the space and that's comfortable to you," Jonathan told Apple. "So many people forget to measure and bring home a sofa that's too large. You want the piece to fit in, not take over the room."

Use the world around you as design inspiration.

Map wall decor art

"We find inspiration everywhere we go," Drew explained to Native Trails. "I just got married in Italy, and we both spent a little extra time out there, touring around and looking at cathedrals and different spaces." Jonathan added in an interview with Philippines news site ABS-CBN that his home "has inspirations from all of [his] travels."

As an amateur interior designer, you can apply this Property Brothers design tip by hanging up maps of your favorite cities or signs in the language of a country you've visited.

Make sure your home reflects who you are as a person.

Warm and welcoming living room design

"It's important that your home is a reflection of your personality," Jonathan told ABS-CBN. "I hate it when I walk into a house and you can't tell who lives there, or everything seems so generic and boring… The home should be a collection of a person's interests."

Opt for quartz countertops.

Quartz countertop in a gray kitchen

Quartz countertops are a worthy investment for your kitchen, according to Jonathan. "We love quartz countertops because they look like natural stone but are so much easier," he told Apple.

Install counters that everyone can use.

modern kitchen with gray stone counters and white cabinets and subway tile backsplash

If there are people of various heights living in your house, you need to make sure your kitchen set-up reflects that. And as Drew told AARP, you can make your kitchen accessible for everyone by installing counters at various heights. "Having counters at different heights lets every member of the family—from grandkids to grandparents—work at their own level," he explained.

Think about functionality as well as style.

Modern kitchen with green chairs and range hood

Whether you're completely renovating a room or just adding some small upgrades, Drew warns that you should keep practicality in mind. "Most people, when they try to renovate, think about pretty and forget about function," he explained to Native Trails. "It doesn't matter if you replace the fixtures or the cabinets if you keep a really bad flow. So that's the big thing—we always try to give function along with style to homeowners."

And invest in multifunctional pieces.

Woman looking at an ottoman with storage

Particularly in smaller spaces, it also makes sense to buy pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose. "For example, built-in shelving can be great, but you could also have a desk incorporated into the lower level. Or use furniture, like an ottoman that can also be storage," Drew told PopSugar. "Murphy beds are popular in very small guest rooms so that it can also be used as an office or play area for kids."

Upgrade to stylish blackout curtains.

Pink and patterned blackout curtains on a window

Though blackout curtains ensure a good night's rest, they aren't always the most stylish accessory. When you buy yourself some curtains, Drew says that you should make sure what you're getting is both stylish and functional. "You don't have to just get a solid black sheet to put over the top of your windows," he told AARP. "You have stylish options nowadays."

Install ample lighting.

Floor lamp in a living room

Regardless of which room you're redecorating, Drew says that ample lighting is a must. "Whatever you do, don't rely solely on an overhead bulb," he told Apple. "Mix it up with a variety of table and floor lamps, or maybe a pendant chandelier or some recessed lighting to make a room lighter and more welcoming."

Place mirrors strategically to reflect sunlight.

Hanging mirror reflecting windows and sunlight

Want to hang a mirror up in the house? Do it somewhere where the sun will hit it. "Mirrors can help [let in more sunshine], especially when placed to reflect a window," Jonathan explained to Apple. "Natural light creates the appearance of more space."

Use a neutral color palette in the bedroom.

Master bedroom decorated in neutral colors like beige and white

Drew says that one of the challenges in designing a master bedroom is making it both masculine and feminine. "While I do have a lot of soft accents in décor, I still have a neutral color palette and some masculine elements that makes it appeal to the man of the house, but most importantly, the woman of the house," he explained in an HGTV video.

Think about shelving when designing your bathroom.

Bathroom shelves storage with pink towels

When designing a bathroom, Drew says he often sees people forget about storage when that should be a top priority. "To stretch a dollar, use prefab cabinets, which are higher quality than they used to be and are less expensive than custom," he explained to MyDomaine. "You can also build in open shelving."

Take advantage of tile in your bathroom.

Man laying ceramic tile on the wall

"You will always be able to find a sale on a great selection of tile," Drew told MyDomaine. "Use this to stretch your dollar when tiling your tub. You could even consider using a small-scale version of the same tile on your bathroom floor."

Unsure which tile to go with? Jonathan told MyDomaine that the Property Brothers team always looks for something that has an interesting "shape, pattern, and color. This is one of the easiest ways to make a bathroom pop."

Create an inspiration board.

Person doing Pinterest research on a computer and phone

When you're giving your home a makeover, it helps to turn to places like Pinterest for ideas. On the social media platform, you can create inspiration boards and figure out which trends you like best.

"Pull out what speaks to you, whether it be crown molding or a color palette," Joanthan told Modern Wellness Guide. "Anyone can be good at design—you just have to look at the right places for your influence."

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Yellow chairs and a sunburst mirror in a living room with a fireplace

Don't make a decision on what color to paint your living room, which bed to buy, or which countertops to install before considering all of your options. "Some people think they know what they want, but most people only know what they've been exposed to," Jonathan explained to Modern Wellness Guide. "Drew and I have been in real estate for over 20 years. We're constantly doing research to see what's trending in design and what's coming down the pipeline. You have to make sure that you're not being stubborn."

Invest in year-round pieces, not seasonal ones.

Green accented living room decor

"I try to make sure that the big-ticket items are somewhat neutral so that you don't have to change them out from season to season," Jonathan told Brit&Co. "You can focus on changing out throws and accents."

But do change up your color palettes with the seasons.

A Dining Room with a Copper Red Accent Wall Worst Paint Colors

Though Jonathan advises against overspending on seasonal items, that doesn't mean he thinks winter and summer should be treated equal. "Find ways in fall and winter to add warmer tones. With my accent pieces, I'll usually put in some copper and some brass because it's psychologically a little bit more warming," he explained to Brit&Co. These accent pieces don't have to be expensive—just some small touches to get the job done.

Get creative with wallpaper.

Woman hanging wallpaper

An easy way to upgrade any piece of furniture, according to the Property Brothers, is with some wallpaper. "Wallpaper doesn't have to be 'wall,'" Drew explained in an interview with Today. "Why not use it on your ceiling? You can use it on steps, you can use it on tables, the back of cabinets. The whole thing is wallpaper is supposed to add a little bit of color and a little bit of pattern to break up a monotonous design."

Employ a focal point in every room.

modern apartment with a bright purple accent wall

Jonathan notes that every room should have a focal point that catches the eye. "The easiest way to make a focal point is to color a wall or place an artwork," he told ABS-CBN. "It should be clear in the design. The way you place your seating in a space can also help draw your attention to wherever your focal point is."

Hire professionals for more major renovations.

Professional man installing tile on the floor

Though DIY renovations are a great way to save money, Jonathan cautions against doing everything yourself. "There is value in spending money on professionals—the quality of a professional's work and the value of your time," he told Modern Wellness Guide. "Bring in a professional [who] knows what they're doing."

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