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Ozempic Patients Reveal Troubling New Side Effect: "I'm Thinner, But I'm Miserable"

Users claim the weight-loss injection is crushing their sex lives.

Ozempic's primary purpose is to treat Type 2 diabetes, but both healthcare officials and the public have praised the medication for its body-slimming superpowers. However, the semaglutide injection's growing list of reported adverse health effects is prompting many to rethink their stance on the off-label weight loss drug.

Severe gastrointestinal problems, stomach paralysis, and gallbladder issues are just a few of the concerning side effects reported by Ozempic users. In Dec. 2023, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Fessler revealed she was hospitalized due to debilitating constipation while taking weekly semaglutide injections, while Sharon Osborne shared that she lost too much weight and was "gaunt."

But now, Ozempic patients are buzzing about a lesser-known side effect that's wreaking havoc on their relationships. In an anonymous essay published in the Daily Mail, a nurse living in England shared how she's lost all interest in sex and has felt "detached" from her marriage ever since going on Ozempic two months prior. While she's experienced an increase in body positivity, it's come at a cost.

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"I'm feeling better about my body than I have in years, but I have no wish whatsoever to have sex. The only emotion I feel when he comes near me is anger and a faint sense of repulsion," she detailed.

Despite her husband's attempts to spice things up in the bedroom, the nurse has been unable to naturally boost her libido.

"I respond physically—I kiss him back and I touch him—but I feel nothing. He has tried everything. And I mean everything. He has put in so much effort with massages and trying different ways to excite me," she said.

"But I'm just not interested. I cannot get aroused in any way. Normally, I orgasm easily, but now there's nothing there," she added. "I'm thinner, but I'm miserable."

And she isn't the only Ozempic user who has noticed a difference in their libido since taking the weight loss drug. Low sex drive as a result of semaglutide has remained a popular topic of conversation on Reddit, where many have gathered to commiserate on their shared stories.

"I have been on this medication for three weeks, have had almost no side effects whatsoever, but have had [no] libido. Really unusual for me!" one person shared in a thread.

Another claimed their "once thriving libido is completely dead" thanks to the weekly injections.

Yet another user wrote they've lost the "urge" to engage in sex and it's affecting their relationship: "We are not getting as intimate as usual."

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While low sex drive isn't currently advertised as one of Ozempic's side effects, a change in medication can certainly impact one's body in a host of ways, not all of which may be printed on the box. Weight loss and wellness company Re:Vitalize notes that a low libido can be an "indirect" symptom of other changes your body is experiencing.

"Other reasons why Ozempic may be affecting your libido may include a reduced calorie intake, lower energy levels, and a disruption of your normal lifestyle habits. Common side effects also include concerns like nausea—if you're sick all the time, you almost certainly won't have a strong libido," the company's blog explains.

That said, some experts claim Ozempic can increase a man's risk of erectile dysfunction and other potential hormonal effects, per Urology Times.

There is very little available research on Ozempic and its potential long-lasting effects on low sex drive. However, it's important to take note of any bodily or mood changes you experience and raise concerns to your healthcare provider.

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