6 Secrets Old Navy Doesn't Want You to Know

You may want to read this before you pick up any new items.

By the end of November this year, the amount of Old Navy retail stores rose to over 1,100 in the United States and they are not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. The retail favorite, founded by Gap Inc in 1994, rose to popularity with their low-cost prices and clothing items for the whole family. Since the pandemic specifically, Old Navy has become a wardrobe staple for many with its low prices and wide size range. Luckily for you, we have the insider scoop just in time for your next shopping experience. Read on to see price hacks and warnings from former Old Navy employees and shopping experts that will seriously shock you (and give you some major savings).

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Some employees will turn a blind eye to stealing.

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Former Old Navy employee, under the account @lolo_jones1997 says in a TikTok video that shockingly enough, Old Navy doesn't normally have repercussions for shoplifters. How could this be possible, you might be wondering? According to this former worker, it's allegedly because of the abundance of law suits that Old Navy has endured.

"We can't do anything if you steal," she said in her video. "The company would rather take the hit from the theft than catch another lawsuit because they have gotten so many lawsuits from people accusing other people of stealing … We will watch you as you walk out. Maybe even give you a wave as you go."

Though we can not confirm and do not condone this, there have been lawsuits against Old Navy from people falsely accused of stealing.

In a reddit thread on legal advice for shoplifting, another former Old Navy employee under the username N-nucifera, said something similar, "I worked at an Old Navy, the policy was that we couldn't stop shoplifters even if we saw it happening."

Some days have more deals than others.

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Wondering the best time to shop (not steal) at your local Old Navy? According to a TikTok by @timbosliceoflife12, the best days are at the end of the weekend and beginning of the work week.

"Sundays and Mondays are actually the best days to shop at Old Navy," he said. "These are the days where Old Navy marks down their prices the most. And if you're looking for items that are specifically on the clearance rack, Wednesday is the best day to go to find the best deals."

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Shopping online is where you can find the best deals.

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Since we would all rather be in our sweats anyway, it's a good thing Old Navy's best discounts and sales are online.

In a video on her YouTube channel, Becky Guiles, also known as the Freebie Lady, tells her viewers that you're going to get the best Old Navy deals shopping from your couch.

"Old Navy is always having sales online that they aren't necessarily having in stores," she said.

The Krazy Coupon Lady agrees. "There is almost always an Old Navy promo happening online, and the coupon codes live on the site in the header or near the bottom of the page. Plus, you can always get a coupon for joining email or text," she wrote in a blog post.

As an added bonus, "OldNavy.com has free shipping over $50 for rewards members, always-free store pickup, and free return shipping," she added.

You can save even more with Super Cash.

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Have you ever gotten Super Cash at checkout when shopping at Old Navy? It's a great way to save money when buying your go-to t-shirt or pair of jeans, but Guiles suggests saving it for their Double or Triple Cash Days to save even more money.

"For every $25 you spend, you'll get a 10 dollar off coupon," said Guiles. "This coupon will be mailed to you and of course they are going to give you even more incentives. They are going to have a double or triple cash day for you and what this means is that you get to double or triple the cash for every 25 dollars you spend."

Another cool thing about Old Navy's rewards program, according to Upromise, is that you will get Super Cash based on the full-price of your item. So, if you buy something on sale that was originally $60, you will get Super Cash based on $60, no matter how much you paid for it.

You can still use Old Navy Super Cash after it expires.

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It also turns out that this Super Cash is good for a lot longer than you may think. In a video on TikTok, Emily Mayfield explains how she discovered that you can add your Super Cash to your account for points even after it has expired.

"I go to Old Navy last night—my boys need a couple things—I'm checking out and the cashier gives me some [Super] cash and I'm like, thanks but it will probably just expire and I'll forget and not use it," she explained. "[Then] she says you can add it to your account for points after it expires and I'm like, what? … I am all about saving money and being on a budget and feeling like it's a small little win."

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You can adjust your prices.

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In a Reddit thread by a former Old Navy employee, when asked about secrets on saving money, the user suggested asking the cashier about price adjustments.

 "You have 30 days to do any price adjustment if you bought something that goes on sale after the purchase," the user wrote. "All you need is a receipt, not the items, so bring it in if that sort of thing happens to you in the future."

However, it's worth noting that not all items can be adjusted. "There are a couple of catches to the Old Navy price adjustment policy. If you purchased items using Old Navy promotional codes or discounts, you won't be able to get your price adjusted," The Krazy Coupon Lady said in her blog. "And considering that so many online purchases in particular have promo codes, that could make a lot of the products in your cart ineligible. Free shipping codes will not disqualify you from a price adjustment, though."

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