This Stranger's Act of Kindness After the Toronto Shooting Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

"There are good people out there."

Woman receives kind note along with lost ID and credit card following Toronto shooting

On Tuesday, Twitter user @sarbjitkaur1 shared a note that her sister-in-law, Anshoo, found in the mail along with the credit card and ID that she had recently lost during the shooting at the Toronto Raptors parade celebration on June 17.

"My name is Oksana," the note read. "I found your ID and credit card at Nathan Philips Square during the parade. I hope you are OK and were not hurt during the shooting. Hope you had a great time. Go Raptors Go! All the best."

The city was celebrating the Raptor's NBA championship title when shots were fired among a huge crowd in Toronto's Nathan Philips Square. According to CNN, four people suffered "non-life threatening" injuries, and city officials urged the public to not let this act of violence put a damper on the otherwise jubilant event.

When reached via phone, Anshoo said "everyone was in high spirits" on the day of the parade. "I didn't hear the shooting happen," she added. "I just saw people running towards me and I started running with them. I think [my ID and credit card were] in the back pocket of my pants. When the stampede happened, I just started running and I guess it fell out."

As nice as it was to receive her returned possessions, Anshoo was more moved by the kindness of Oksana's note.

"I was thinking that if someone came across my belongings that they would just throw it in the mailbox, because that's what I would do," she said. "It was sweet that this person took the time to write a letter and was concerned about my safety."

Since the note was first posted on Twitter, it has received more than 13,000 likes and inspired others to share stories of times when a stranger went out of their way for them.

As for Anshoo, the random act of kindness taught her that "generally people are good."

"It makes the world a little bit of a smaller place for me," she said. "It's a big city and there were over 2,000 people at this parade so the fact that someone took the time to pick up my ID, mail it back to me, and write this letter, just shows that there are good people out there."

And for more proof of this, check out Twitter Users Are Sharing the Most Heartwarming Stories of Kind Acts.

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