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This Fan's Heartwarming Story About Keanu Reeves Is Going Viral on Twitter

The actor's simple act of kindness made all the difference.

There's a long-held rumor going around that Keanu Reeves is the nicest man in Hollywood. Just last week, the 54-year-old actor went viral for answering Stephen Colbert's "What do you think happens when we die?" question with the heartfelt response ("I know that the ones who love us will miss us"). And, back in 2015, another video of Reeves gained traction when a passerby caught him giving up his seat on the train. Now, there's another story going around that proves just what a kind soul the John Wick star really is.

Back in 2001, writer James Dator was working at a movie theater in Sydney, Australia, when Reeves casually strolled in on a Wednesday morning wearing jeans, a leather jacket, and a horse-riding helmet.

When he asked to buy a movie ticket, Dator did what any star-struck teenager would do: He offered him an employee discount because that meant he would have to sign his sheet, thereby enabling Dator to craftily obtain his autograph.

Reeves declined, telling Dator he didn't deserve it because he didn't work at the movie theater, leaving the 16-year-old movie lover flustered and disappointed.

Two minutes later, Dator heard a knock on the door. It was Reeves. "I realized you probably wanted my autograph," he said, handing Dator a receipt for an ice cream cone that he signed on the back.

Then, he threw the ice cream in the trash. Dator was initially confused, but later realized that the actor had probably bought an ice cream cone he didn't even want, just so he could have a piece of paper to sign for him.

The thread has gone viral since being posted to Twitter on Friday and has touched many people.

After all, who couldn't love Reeves after hearing this tale?

It may not show John Wick levels of valor, but when it comes to daily acts of heroism, it's often the little things that count.

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