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These 3 "The View" Co-Hosts Were Reportedly Sick of Working With Meghan

A source says that "everyone was at their wits' end" due to her behavior.

During the nearly four years since she took her seat as a permanent co-host of The View, Meghan McCain has become infamous for generating on-air arguments and heated spats while the cameras were rolling. But after the recent announcement that she would be leaving the show at the end of July, it appears there might be some more serious behind-the-scenes workplace drama that has been plaguing the daytime talk show. And according to a report from Page Six, three of McCain's View co-hosts were so sick of working with her that they no longer wanted her around. Read on to hear more about the feud that may have helped fuel her departure.

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Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Ana Navarro were reportedly tired of working with McCain.

Meghan McClain at The GLAAD Media Awards in 2015
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While their spats in front of the cameras may have been part of the show's successful formula, it appears that McCain's behavior had finally gotten on some of her co-hosts' last nerves. According to a source, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and part-time co-host Ana Navarro had reportedly all made it clear to the network's top brass that they didn't want to work with McCain any longer.

"It happened as soon as [new ABC News president] Kim [Godwin] came in," the source told Page Six. "It was right after Joy and Meghan's huge [on-air] blow-up [in May] where the network called an emergency meeting. They told new management, 'We don't want to work with her anymore,'" with another source adding, "[the hosts] all came with complaints to Kim about Meghan."

The blow-up in question refers to an incident months ago during which Behar and McCain got into a heated argument over antisemitism. Sources told TMZ that Godwin called a remote meeting to demand that the personal attacks between co-hosts had gotten out of hand and were coming across as toxic—which reportedly led McCain to exit the meeting early after feeling "attacked."

McCain's behavior was bad enough for Goldberg to make an uncharacteristic request.

Whoopi Goldberg
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Even though the dust-up with Behar was far from their first-ever spat, other co-hosts still shared in on the sentiment that McCain's behavior had become too much to continue working with. "Everyone was at their wits' end—even Whoopi, and she's the chillest of them all. Whoopi is never going to advocate for anyone to get fired. She's not about that, but she was very clear that she no longer wanted to work with Meghan," a source told Page Six.

"Whoopi was clear that she didn't want to work with her either," the source added. "There have been so many well-documented issues, and [Meghan] has not made a good impression on new management."

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McCain also reportedly didn't see eye-to-eye with Sunny Hostin early on.

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The source pointed out that McCain's recent sparring with network brass is a notable shift from the days before former ABC News president James Goldston announced his resignation and was replaced with Godwin. Reportedly, when tension arose between McCain and co-host Sunny Hostin soon after signing on to the show in 2017, Goldston defended McCain and warned Hostin her job was on the line if she didn't come around to her new co-worker.

"Meghan hated Sunny and didn't trust her," the source told Page Six. "She thought she was leaking stories about her, and it was a bad situation. [ABC executives] essentially told Sunny, 'Don't make us have to choose between you and Meghan because we're not going to choose you.'"

McCain has reportedly been weighing the decision to leave for some time.

Meghan McCain at the Trever Project in 2015
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Apparently, the bad vibes behind the cameras may have been picked up by McCain, who reportedly toiled with her role on the show and the decision to depart. "It was a difficult decision for her to make, and they got what they wanted," another source told Page Six. "Meghan has been wanting to leave for a long time. She is sick of fighting this fight."

But even her most frequent opponent took an opportunity to show respect to her soon-to-be-former colleague. Following McCain's departure announcement on-air, Behar laid down her sword and spoke kindly of her co-host.

"I have really, really appreciated the fact that you were a formidable opponent in many ways and that you spoke your mind," Behar said. "You're no snowflake, missy."

Best Life reached out to reps for Goldberg, Behar, Navarro, and ABC for comment on this story but did not immediately hear back.

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