Tim McGraw Says This Is the Hardest Thing About Being a Dad

The country star has three grown-up daughters with fellow singer Faith Hill.

Country star Tim McGraw first became a dad 23 years ago, but there are aspects of parenthood he's still getting used to. In a new interview for the men's website The Leo Edit, the singer explained why, even though he's loved raising his kids, "there's some melancholy that goes along with it." Keep reading to find out what McGraw has found to be the hardest part about being a dad, and for more relationships like the one he shares with fellow artist Faith Hill, check out The Longest-Lasting Marriages in Hollywood.

McGraw and Hill's children are all adults now.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and daughters at Game of Thrones themed party
Gracie McGraw / Instagram

The two country singers fell in love when they went on tour together in the mid-'90s. By 1997, they were married and had welcomed their first child, Gracie Katherine. Middle daughter Maggie Elizabeth arrived in 1998, and their youngest, Audrey Caroline in 2001. If you find it hard to believe that McGraw and Hill have three grown daughters—ages 23, 22, and 19—you're not alone. McGraw also isn't sure how time went by so quickly.

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He started his family nearly 25 years ago.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and baby Gracie in 1997
Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

In conversation with his Friday Night Lights co-star and good friend Garrett Hedlund for The Leo Edit, McGraw opened up about the bittersweet nature of being a dad. Hedlund, who just welcomed his first child with actor Emma Roberts, recalled seeing McGraw's daughters playing near his tour bus when they were small, which led McGraw to marvel over the passage of time.

"They were just babies. Our youngest is 19 and living in New York City now, I mean, it's crazy. It goes by so fast," the singer said. "To look back now, over Faith and I's 25 years of marriage coming up in October, and see where we're at and see where our kids are, see how fast it's gone by, it's almost… it's unfathomable how time flies."

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Watching his daughters grow has been a "beautiful" but "sad" experience, the star said.

Maggie and Tim McGraw in 2016
Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

"What starts happening is you start marking your time by their years," said McGraw, pictured here with middle daughter Maggie. "And the next thing you know, they grow so fast and it's like every two years there's a different child that you have as they age. It's a beautiful thing, but it's a sad thing at the same time. You find yourself reflecting and looking back at pictures and thinking, 'Oh my gosh, I remember that time, I remember when they looked like that.'"

McGraw also offered Hedlund some parenting advice—appropriate, since he's godfather to Hedlund's baby son, Rhodes. The crux of it? Don't try to be perfect. "You think you're giving them good life lessons," the singer said. "You know, as a parent—look, [laughs] you're going to get half of everything wrong. That's just the nature of it. There is no handbook with it."

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But he's proud of how his kids are making their mark on the world.

Young Gracie, Audrey, and Maggie McGraw in Florence, Italy
Audrey McGraw/Instagram

Each one of McGraw and Hill's daughters is following her own path, though they're all aiming for artistic careers. The eldest, Gracie, is an actor, and is represented by CAA, according to her Instagram. Maggie is a recent college graduate and has inherited her parents' musical talent—she sings in her own band. And Audrey, who McGraw mentioned is living in New York, is in the city pursuing a career in modeling. For info on one of her latest gigs, check out Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Youngest Daughter Is a Model Now.

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