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TikToker Has Awkward Job Interview With Guy She Ghosted 6 Years Ago

Why one TikToker believes karma came back to get her. 

Job hunting is already frustrating enough, but running into someone you ghosted during the process evelates the stress to a whole other level, which is what happened to one TikToker. Rylie Jouett shared a video revealing she interviewed for a barista position with a guy she ghosted six years ago and not only went viral unexpectedly, but received backlash. "There's so many horrible things I've had to read and report on my video," she told The Post.

Karma Always Comes Back


Jouett posted a six second clip with the caption, "you seriously cannot write better material." In the video she's seen walking around a room looking flustered with text that read, "Karma is the nastiest … I ever met bc 6 years ago when I was 19 I ghosted the nicest guy who had the best intentions for me & tell me why he's the person that's interviewing me for a job that I desperately need tomorrow," the Austin, Texas woman wrote in the clip, which has been viewed over 8.7 million times. 

Jouett Reveals Why She Ghosted the Guy


Jouett said that she and the unidentified man are both in other relationships, she said she ghosted him because he was "obsessed" with her and "very intense." "I made the video because I felt like a lot of people could relate to ghosting people as a teenager without thinking about the consequences of being immature and having poor communication skills," Jouett told The Post.

The Guy Almost Didn't Take the Interview Once He Realized Who Jouett Was


In a follow up video, 25-year-old is sitting in her car right before the interview and addressing a comment from her previous post that read, "That you decided not to date him probably relieves any conflict of interest in this interview." Jouett said, "when he realized who I was, he was like, 'oh that's really awkward. I don't know if maybe we can get you hired at a different location considering there's a conflict of interest.' However, Jouett went on to say that she "schmoozed" him to give her the interview and wasn't sure if he was going to be the one conducting the interview, but was about to find out.

Some Viewers Thought This Was a Sign of a Second Chance


Some people thought this was no random coincidence and that maybe the universe was telling her something. "Karma or second chance???" one person asked about the odds of reconnecting romantically. "Maybe it's not karma but cupid," one person wondered. "Plot of a romcom," another stated. "If he invites you to the company retreat this weekend to see how you fit in, but really so he can get to know you again, let us know." 

She Got the Job Offer, But Had Second Thoughts


The interview ended with the guy she ghosted offering her the job and wanting to set her up with orientation. However, she had second thoughts. After saying she "desperately needed "the job, Jouett said in a second follow-up that it was too far from her house. "The location is 30 minutes from my house and it's half the amount of pay that I was expecting." Another issue for Jouett was the guy's astrological sign. "What is concerning is that this man is a Scorpio, so I just know he holds grudges," she stated.

She Didn't Care About a "Digital Footprint"


Many commenters told her to take down the video in case he saw it. They didn't believe it would help her land the job and that she looked unprofessional, but she didn't care. She responded to those comments with, "Babes, it's a … barista job. Do you think that I [care]?" Jouett shot back. "For $9 an hour plus tips? Like, be serious right now. It's not like I'm working for … Elon Musk." 

She Turned Down the Job


After fighting to get the interview and dealing with a lot of awkwardness, Jouett didn't accept the job. She told The Post, "He did offer me the barista position at the end of our interview. I ended up turning the offer down because I got offered a higher-paying position somewhere else," she revealed. "He never responded to my message declining the offer. As far as I'm aware, he hasn't seen the video."

So Much Backlash

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With any post, negative comments are bound to happen, but Jouett wasn't expecting so much criticism but noted it was mostly from teenagers. She said the clip was  "landing in front of the wrong audience on TikTok. Based on the analytics of my video, 80% of the viewers were teenagers." She added, "This makes a lot of sense when looking at the thousands of comments saying that they hope I never find a job, become homeless…"

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