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A Celebrity Stylist Is Rating Stars Based on How Rude They Are

See who got a 100/10 and who got a -100/10.

Sure, sometimes stars are just like us, but in a lot of ways, celebrities live a totally different lifestyle with first-class flights and entourages that arrange every detail of their day, from what they're eating to what they're wearing. And now, we're getting insight into what certain stars are like to work with behind the scenes, courtesy of TikTok. In a new trend, TikTok users who work in jobs where they're close to celebrities—for instance, restaurant staff and airline employees—have started rating their star-studded encounters on the social media platform. One of the latest celebrity rankings comes from TikTok user @IAmTahira, who works as a stylist in New York City.

Tahira has posted a few videos now about her encounters with celebrities from when she worked at Barneys New York and at another unnamed store. For the most part, she gives all of the stars high ratings, but there is one actor who she has such an issue with that she made two separate videos all about her, scoring her an abysmal -100/10.

Keep reading to find out who it is and to see how she rated some A-list celebrities, from highest to lowest. For another celeb who was allegedly rude, check out James Corden Says This Is the Rudest Celebrity He's Ever Met.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore 2017
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Rating: 100/10

Tahira gave Drew Barrymore a 100/10 for what she witnessed when the actor had a book signing at a store where she worked. "She was incredible. If I could describe her in one word it would be 'kind,'" the TikTok user said. She explained that Barrymore's fans must have loved her because she was having conversations with all of them and taking selfies. "She was literally so nice. I'll never forget how she made me feel," Tahira said. "She even did the Charlie's Angels pose with my managers. Like, who does that?"

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Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke attends the Universal Pictures premiere of 'Last Christmas' at AMC Lincoln Square on on October 29, 2019 in New York City.
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Rating: 10/10

When Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke showed up at Barneys, Tahira said she "so sweet." According to the stylist, they talked about Clarke's Dolce and Gabbana campaign that had recently come out and about motherhood because Tahira was six months pregnant at the time. "Sweetest, sweetest, sweetest thing," Tahira raved of Clarke. "Ten, ten, ten."

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall
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Rating: 10/10

"Love her. She was amazing," Tahira said of Kim Cattrall. She explained that the Sex and the City star came into Barneys looking for a Prada dress for an event. Barneys didn't have it in stock, but Tahira's friend who worked at another store did, so Cattrall just asked that she text her the information. "She was so nice," the stylist recalled. "I still have her number in my phone."

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Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford 2013
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Rating: 10/10

Tahira also came into contact with supermodel Cindy Crawford at a book signing. She explained that everything went really smoothly and Crawford was very gracious to those who planned the event. "She was just really nice," Tahira said. "Her team was really nice. We picked the look for her, she got changed in, like, five minutes."

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick 2014
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Rating: -100/10

Of the celebrities Tahira has rated so far, Anna Kedrick is the only one who got a negative review. And the review is so poor that Tahira gave her a -100/10 and made two additional videos explaining the encounter she had with the Pitch Perfect star. (Best Life has reached out to Kendrick's publicist for a response to the TikTok, but has not yet received a response.)

After calling Kendrick a "terrible person," Tahira went on to explain that she worked with Kendrick at a book signing. She said the actor wouldn't speak to her and claimed that Kendrick and her team said that all of the fan mail that she was given at the event should be thrown away. "If you gave her a gift from your heart, you should know it went in the garbage," Tahira said. Apparently, a couple of years later, a colleague of Tahira's met Kendrick at Barneys and said of the actor, "She got so nasty with me because I did not know who she was."

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