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If You Keep This on Your Bed, You May Be Attracting Spiders, Experts Warn

You should avoid one thing if you don't want any unexpected company while sleeping.

Out of all the spaces in your home, your bed is the one designed to make you feel completely comfortable and at ease. And while you may splurge on the softest sheets and the warmest comforter to make sure you can rest easy, there's always the chance that unwanted pests could make their way into your sleeping space. If you're looking to avoid having any spiders visit you during the night, experts say you can avoid attracting them by not keeping one thing on your bed. Read on to see how you can make sure your comfy corner is arachnid-free.

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Spiders can climb long throw blankets, oversized comforters, bed skirts, and dust ruffles into your bed.

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We all have certain design accessories and pieces we add to help give our bedrooms a personalized touch. But if you want to avoid creating a clear path for spiders into your bed, experts warn that you should avoid using any long throw blankets, oversized bedspreads, bed skirts, or dust ruffles that trail on the ground.

According to pest control company Terminix, these decor pieces can become a ladder for any spiders crawling along the ground, giving them easy access to climb right into your bed.

What you keep up under your bed could also be inviting arachnids.

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Growing up with a fear of something scary being underneath the bed is not uncommon. But the reality is that as adults, there's a chance you may have created a horrifying situation of your own by turning the space beneath your mattress into a messy storage area.

"Similar to how spiders enjoy the cozy confines of a pile of rocks or lumber outside your home, these critters also thrive in cluttered areas where there are plenty of places to hide and spin webs undisturbed," Terminix writes on its blog. "Making sure the area beneath your bed is free from clutter and not used as a storage area can help lessen the potential for spiders in your bedroom."

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Keep your sleeping space tidy by washing your sheets weekly and making your bed.

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Even though we all love the feeling of sliding into a set of crisp, clean sheets, there's a chance your busy schedule doesn't allow you to swap out your bed linens as often as you'd like. But if you're trying to avoid spiders, experts recommend washing your bedding at least once weekly to remove the dirt, dead skin cells, and sweat that could attract smaller bugs spiders are after as a meal.

If you're running too short on time to constantly run your laundry machine, simply making your bed can go a long way in keeping spiders out of it, too. Just like a bed skirt or long runner, experts recommend tucking in any long sheets to keep them from draping on the floor and giving them a clear path to your pillow.

You can also position your bed the right way to make it harder for spiders to crawl into your sheets.

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Apart from keeping your sleeping space tidy and organized, positioning your bed in the right area can go a long way in keeping spiders out. If possible, experts advise against pushing your mattress flush against a wall and leaving a little space. This is especially true in corners, where spiders are more naturally likely to attempt to build a web in the first place. And while it's nice to be close to calming breezes and natural light in the mornings, the further you keep your bed away from a window, the less likely you are to find an eight-legged intruder making itself cozy in your sheets.

It's also important to keep other decor decisions in mind. Keeping your mattress higher off the ground will make it more difficult for spiders to crawl inside it, as will placing furniture such as bedside lamps and nightstands spaced apart from your mattress by a few inches. Experts also suggest keeping any houseplants away from your bed, as well as regularly inspecting them to ensure a spider hasn't taken up residence in your favorite ficus.

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