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If You Have This in Your Bathroom, You May Be Attracting Roaches

The crawling pests are after more than just what's in your pantry or garbage can.

The idea of a cockroach infestation in your home can send shivers down the spine of practically anyone. But while staying on top of your dishes, organizing your pantry, and adequately managing your trash cans go a long way in keeping the pests at bay, experts warn the kitchen isn't the only room in the house that can be a problem area. Read on to see how one thing in your bathroom could be attracting roaches.

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Cockroaches aren't just interested in what you have in your kitchen.


Maybe you spotted one crawling behind your trash can. Perhaps you noticed a spiny leg sticking out from behind dry goods in your pantry. Even worse, you turned on your kitchen lights one night to see the creepy bug dash across the floor into a hiding space. Whatever the situation may be, finding out your home has become infested with cockroaches can be a seriously unsettling discovery.

However, it's not just your food the disgusting bugs are after. According to Terminix, there are 69 different species of cockroaches around the world, with American and German cockroaches being the most commonly found in the U.S. While both are highly motivated to find a meal, the latter requires much more water to survive, making them just as likely to infest your bathroom as your kitchen.

"Roaches are generally looking for three basic things: food, water, and a dark place with peace and quiet. Unfortunately, bathrooms technically fit all of these metrics," Steve Durham, owner of EnviroCon Termite & Pest in Texas, tells Best Life.

Not picking up one thing after your shower could be attracting roaches in your bathroom.

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Without the mess of the kitchen or clutter of the bedroom, bathrooms typically require proper cleaning more than they do overall tidying. But according to experts, keeping your toilet and shower area unkempt could be a surefire way to attract roaches. Even items such as damp bathmats, wet towels, and laundry piles can give them a source of water and a place to hide. If you're noticing more pests in between showers, make sure to empty your hampers or hang your linens to dry.

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Experts warn not to forget to clean up one often overlooked part of your bathroom regularly.

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At first blush, the trash can in your bathroom may not seem nearly as enticing to a cockroach as the bin in your kitchen filled to the brim with scraps of food. But according to experts, neglecting to empty them frequently could be creating a place for them to get comfortable, especially if they don't have a lid.

"The trash cans located in your bathroom might be the reason that you're seeing an increase in cockroaches there," Richard Estrada, owner of ATCO Pest Control, tells Best Life. "Always make sure to take these out frequently since the garbage makes an excellent place for roaches to hide out. They can sneak into the dark crevices in between trash only to come out at night, and with easy access to water and food in your bathroom, it's the perfect place for them to live."

Experts suggest tidying up even seemingly small messes whenever you go to change the trash—even if it's something that doesn't seem like it could be appealing to a cockroach. "Ensure that you're cleaning up any toothpaste, soap, or sanitation products, as well as cleaning your toilet because roaches will use anything like a free meal," Durham warns.

Other maintenance issues in your bathroom could be providing roaches with a water supply.

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Besides denying them access to food and hiding places, keeping cockroaches at bay means making sure they don't have anything to drink, either. Sometimes, this can involve taking care of any longstanding maintenance issues plaguing your sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub.

"When looking through your bathroom, ensure there is no standing water to act as a water source for cockroaches," Donnie Shelton, owner of Triangle Pest Control, tells Best Life. "Ensure you don't have a leaky faucet that creates pools of water for roaches or a leak from your toilet that allows a convenient watering hole for these pests."

And it's not just leaks: Gaps between walls and plumbing could be creating a superhighway for roaches if left unattended. "You should ensure that you are sealing any holes and crevices around your drain pipes with silicon caulk, wrapping insulation foam and tape around any pipes that produce condensation, and consider using a rubber drain cover or metal drain screen overnight to ensure cockroaches aren't slipping into your bathroom," David Floyd, founder of ThePestInformer, recommends.

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