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Keanu Reeves Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Who Brought DNA Testing Kit To Prove They Are Related

The man calls himself “Jasper Keith Reeves.” 

One of the biggest drawbacks of fame? Celebrity stalkers. Taylor Swift once had a stalker who drove from Colorado to her Beverly Hills home with a knife while Keira Knightley's stood outside of her door meowing at her. There are some other bizarre situations in which stalkers believe they have some connection to their favorite star. For example, Lindsay Lohan's stalker believed they were married, and most recently, Keanu Reeves revealed that he has a stalker who thinks they are relatives. 

Reeves Took Out a Restraining Order to Protect Himself and His Girlfriend


According to TMZ, Keanu Reeves has taken a restraining order against a man who believes that the two are related. He claims that he and his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, are in danger.

A Man Has Allegedly Been "Harassing Them for Months"


Reeves' lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, submitted paperwork to a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, claiming that the man, Bryan Keith Dixon, has "been harassing them for months." 

The Man Has Allegedly Trespassed Six Times in Just a Few Months

Keanu Reeves at the "John Wick 3" premiere

The 38-year-old man reportedly trespassed onto the actor's $5.6 million Hollywood Hills property six times between Nov. 5 and Jan. 20, according to the restraining order. Each time he tried to make contact with the actor. On one of those dates, he entered through a side gate and fell asleep in the backyard before getting kicked out. 

He Believes He Is "Blood-Related" to Reeves


The following day he returned, leaving a "suspicious and alarming" backpack on Keanu's property. In it, there was a DNA testing kit "apparently intended to use on Mr. Reeves in a delusional attempt to prove they are blood-related."

He Also Calls Himself "Jasper Keith Reeves"

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Reeves reportedly went to the extent of hiring a private security team to investigate Dixon, who regularly posts on social media that he and Reeves are blood relatives. He refers to himself as "Jasper Keith Reeves" and has set out to assign all of his personal "rights" to Keanu and put the actor in "charge" of him.

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