John Krasinski Gave His Kids a Secret "SNL" Shoutout You Probably Missed

The first-time host wore an outfit with a special meaning in honor of his daughters.

Fans tune into Saturday Night Live for the laughs every weekend, but this week's episode also featured a heartwarming moment that many viewers may have missed. When he hosted for the first time on Saturday, Jan. 30, John Krasinski gave his daughters a secret shoutout. But it wasn't something he said; it was in his outfit of choice.

When the Office star thanked musical guest Machine Gun Kelly and SNL for letting him host, he wore a navy sweater with "H + V" embroidered on the chest. The letters stand for Krasinski's two daughters' names, six-year-old Hazel and four-year-old Violet, who he shares with wife Emily Blunt.

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Krasinski requested the sweater for his closing look. 

John Krasinski SNL sweater 2

Krasinski's stylist Ilaria Urbinati—who also works with Chris Evans, Rami Malek, Donald Glover, among other stylish Hollywood men—shared the background on all of Krasinki's SNL looks on her Instagram page.

Of the "H + V" sweater, she wrote, "John wanted to have his daughters' initials monogrammed on his shirt for SNL goodnight looks." She added that the sweater is from Boglioli, but obviously it was custom embroidered.

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Krasinski's daughters didn't quite get the significance of his hosting SNL.

John Krasinski SNL sweater

In his opening monologue, Krasinski explained that when he told his daughters he was hosting SNL, they weren't so thrilled.

"I have been watching this show since I was eight years old," he said. "I was trying to explain to my kids what I was doing this week and I told them, 'You know how your favorite show is Paw Patrol, my favorite show is SNL, so for me this is like being on Paw Patrol." After momentarily thinking he was going to be on their favorite show, he joked that their response was basically, "Oh, well, then call us when you're on Paw Patrol."

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Krasinski's wife and kids were in the U.K. for his SNL debut.

Emily Blunt John Krasinski 2019 SAGs
Kathy Hutchins /

Also during the monologue, Krasinski noted that Blunt, who's British, was in the U.K. with their daughters, while he was in New York City for the show. The couple and their kids had spent some time living in England during the pandemic.

Blunt appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in December and said that she and her family had been spending a lot of time in London with the kids going to school there. "Miraculously, they're sounding quite British, which I'm completely over the moon about," Blunt said. She added that she heard her younger daughter, Violet, singing "Jingle Bells" and she sounded like she had a cockney accent. "It was almost like Dick Van Dyke singing 'Jingle Bells,'" the actor said.

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Krasinski's co-stars from The Office were also cheering him on from afar.

John Krasinski SNL

While his daughters weren't so excited about his SNL gig, Krasinski couldn't contain himself. On Jan. 22, several of the upcoming SNL hosts and musical guests were announced, and Krasinski shared his elation on Instagram. "Aaaaaand cue the pinching myself. #SNL," he captioned a post showing his name next to the date for the Jan. 30 show.

Several of Krasinski's Office co-stars voiced their excitement in the comments. Jenna Fischer, who played his character's wife, Pam, wrote, "I can't wait!!!" Kate Flannery wrote, "You're gonna be great." And Angela Kinsey posted several applause emoji.

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