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6 Holiday Decorations That Attract Spiders

If you're keeping these holiday decorations in your home, a pest infestation may not be far off.

With the winter holidays fast approaching, you may be eagerly checking items off your to-do list, from buying presents to creating holiday menus to booking plane tickets to visit friends and family. What you probably don't have on your schedule, however, is calling in a pest control team.

Unfortunately, many holiday decorations are the perfect spots for pests to camp out, with spiders being one of the most prevalent nuisances during the holiday season. Before you find yourself struggling with an infestation, read on to discover which holiday decorations could be attracting spiders to your space, according to pest control specialists.

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Christmas trees

young man carrying christmas tree

They may be a holiday staple in many homes but make no mistake: your Christmas tree is a haven for pests.

"Christmas trees are one of the biggest attractions for harboring spiders," says pest control specialist Greg Watson, owner of Pests Las Vegas. "Most spiders, more often in winter season, look for shelter in darker clustered areas like Christmas trees to go through a pause in their development process called diapause. They will go anywhere that makes them feel safe and secluded to go through this halt in growth during winter conditions."

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Artificial trees

artificial christmas trees in a store
Sergey Ryzhov/Shutterstock

It's not natural trees alone that can make you susceptible to a spider problem during the holiday season, however. Pest control expert Walter Murphy of Price Your Job says that artificial trees are frequently a prime target for spiders and other pests.

"If stored incorrectly for 11 months of the year, this creates a haven for bugs to lay eggs and also to build nests," Murphy explains.

Decoration boxes

box of red and gold christmas ornaments
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Those holiday baubles languishing in boxes in your basement provide prime nesting territory for eight-legged intruders, expert say.

"Unpack decorations boxes outside," recommends Murphy. "Although not a decoration itself, those cardboard boxes could have pests nesting inside them. So, make sure to open them outside just in case."

Murphy notes that if you want to reduce your risk of discovering spiders in your decorations, lidded plastic storage containers are a better choice than cardboard.

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Gingerbread houses

gingerbread house on table with gold ornaments
Aleksandra Suzi/Shutterstock

Making gingerbread houses is a cherished holiday activity for many families. Unfortunately, when left out, these food products can attract bugs—and those bugs can attract spiders.

"Gingerbread houses are a dream for bugs. They get food and shelter all in one," says Murphy. "Make sure to keep your eye on the [gingerbread house's] surroundings and also put it away at night in an airtight container to keep this from happening."


top view of hands holding christmas wreath

That fresh wreath smells fragrant, looks festive, and proudly announces that the holiday season is here. The only problem? It's also a prime hideout for spiders, who can make their way into your house as soon as it's hung up.

"Wreaths have a lot of great hiding places especially if they are decorated with bells, bows, or bulbs," says certified pest control technician Clarissa Benny, a consultant for HouseGrail.


pine garland on wooden mantle
Shutterstock/Andrii Oleksiienko

Whether you're wrapping it around your banister, draping it over your mantle, or adding it to the top of a doorway, those garlands in your home are practically a welcome sign to spiders.

"Especially if you prefer fresh garlands over store-bought ones, you're likely finding a spider or two inside," says pest control expert Jack Miller, founder of How I Get Rid Of.

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