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This Star "Became Irate" and Threw a Chair Before Latest Arrest, Police Say

Authorities say the actor has been released from custody but the investigation is ongoing.

After breakout roles in films from the early 2010s such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and We Need to Talk About Kevin, actor Ezra Miller entered a new tier of stardom after being cast as Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, in the DC universe with 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While reprising the role in four subsequent films, Miller—who is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns—also jumped into a new film franchise with a supporting role in the Harry Potter prequel series, Fantastic Beasts, the third installment of which was just released earlier this month, as Credence Barebone. But despite their success on screen, Miller has unfortunately been involved in a string of highly publicized incidents and brushes with the law. Read on to learn more about their latest arrest.

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Miller's first major public altercation occurred back in 2020.

Ezra Miller in 2017

In addition to their roles, Miller has made headlines of a different nature over the past two years. In April 2020, video appeared online of Miller seemingly choking a woman and throwing her to the ground in a bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. While viewers debated what exactly had been caught on tape, Variety reported that a representative of the bar confirmed that Miller's actions were not a joke. They had become angry with some fans that were bothering them and were ejected from the establishment after assaulting the woman.

This January, another video—this one posted by the actor themself—got the public talking. In a clip of themselves on Instagram (which has since been deleted), they appear to threaten a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in a North Carolina town. The actor did not give any context for why they were sending this message, and per The Hollywood Reporter, no evidence exists that there's any KKK activity in the town they name.

Miller was arrested last month.

Actor Ezra Miller attending an event for TIME Magazine

Last month, 29-year-old Miller was in the news again after being arrested at a karaoke bar in Hawaii. Local authorities said that Miller became agitated by one couple's song choice, which resulted in him "yell[ing] obscenities, grabb[ing] a mic from a singing woman and lung[ing] at a man playing darts," according to the Associated Press. The actor was released on bail after being charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.  Soon after that, Miller returned to where they were staying and allegedly broke into the bedroom of a couple they had befriended, threatening them and stealing money, identification, and credit cards. According to Page Six, the couple then filed for a restraining order, saying in their request: "The respondent is famous and wealthy. This makes access to weapons much easier; as well as sending associates to harass the petitioner."

The actor reportedly had the police called on them 10 previous times for other incidents during their stay in Hawaii before the karaoke bar altercation.

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Police say Miller "became irate" during their latest arrest.

Ezra Miller attending a film premier for Fantastic Beasts
Getty / VCG

Early the morning of April 19, Miller was once again arrested in Hawaii, this time for a second-degree assault that allegedly occurred during a party at a private residence. In a media release, the Hawaii police state that Miller became "irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female in the forehead, resulting in an approximate half-inch cut." The woman declined medical treatment.

Miller was arrested approximately 20 minutes after the incident at 1:30 a.m. when they were found during a traffic stop. Police released them from custody at 4:05 a.m., but an investigation is still ongoing, Rolling Stone reports.

Miller's future with DC is now reportedly in flux.

Ezra Miller in London
Getty / Neil Mockford

While no possible changes to the DC movie slate have been acknowledged yet publicly, Miller's brushes with the law may impact The Flash, the spotlight movie on his character that's meant to be released in 2023. A Rolling Stone report (via Page Six) claims that Warner Bros. and DC executives held an "emergency meeting" after Miller's first Hawaii arrest during which it was decided that any promotional appearances would be put on hold, along with Miller's upcoming projects. A source also claimed to Rolling Stone that, while Miller was never violent on the set of The Flash, which is now in post-production, they appeared to be struggling personally and had "frequent meltdowns."

Neither Warner Bros. nor DC opted to comment on the report, and Miller has not made any public comment since either of their arrests.

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