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If You Bought These at Dollar General, Destroy Them, Authorities Say

The products present serious safety risks to users.

There are few things more enjoyable than lounging in the backyard, enjoying the final few weeks of summer. Unfortunately, for folks who bought one warm weather essential at Dollar General, that time spent outdoors may be anything but relaxing, now that a popular summer staple has been recalled over the serious safety concerns it presents. Read on to discover if you should not only be getting rid of this product, but destroying it to prevent its further use, according to authorities.

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Lounge chairs sold at Dollar General have just been recalled.

one blue one green lounge chair on white background
Courtesy of Dollar General

On August 4, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced that approximately 155,000 True Living Sling Loungers sold at Dollar General were being recalled.

The chairs were sold at Dollar General stores between Jan. 2019 and Sept. 2019 for approximately $20.

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The chairs can collapse suddenly.

woman in blue shirt falling on ground

According to the recall notice, the chairs are being recalled because they "can collapse unexpectedly, posing an amputation, laceration and pinching hazard if finger gets caught in the metal folding joints."

The recalled chairs come in both blue and green, have white frames, and can be identified by UPC number 430001047344.

There have been multiple reports of injury associated with their use.

doctor bandaging woman's fingers

The loungers, which were manufactured by Shanghai, China-based Shanghai Worth Garden Products Co. Ltd., were pulled from the market after the company received three reports of the chairs collapsing.

According to the recall notice, these resulted in "amputations or lacerations to fingers from the metal folding joints."

Customers should stop using the chairs and destroy them.

hand holding yellow box cutter tool

If you have the chairs at home, you should stop using them immediately due to the serious injury risk they present.

Additionally, the recall notice recommends that anyone in possession of the chairs cut their fabric to make them unusable and contact Dollar General at 800-678-9258 on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. CT or visit the Help section of the Dollar General recall page with questions or to obtain a full refund.

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