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Ben Affleck Just Shared Rare Photos of Ex Jennifer Garner and Their Kids

The actor shared some never-before-seen photos of his ex-wife and their children for Mother's Day.

It's been several years since their marriage ended, but Ben Affleck showed ex Jennifer Garner some love on Mother's Day. On Sunday, the actor posted several rare photos of Garner with their three children. There's everything from her holding the kids as newborns to the whole family dressed up in The Wizard of Oz costumes.

Affleck and Garner share three kids: 15-year-old Violet, 12-year-old Seraphina, and 9-year-old Samuel. The couple got married in 2005, and announced that they were separating a decade later in 2015. Their divorce was finalized in 2018.

Clearly, though, they're still cordial co-parents. Read on to see Affleck's post for Garner on Mother's Day, including the rare photos, and to learn more about the couple's relationship post-divorce.

Affleck said he's "so happy" to share their kids together.

Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, and their children in "Wizard of Oz" costumes
© Ben Affleck / Instagram

In his Instagram post, Affleck wrote, "So happy to share these kids with you. Luckiest parents in the world. Thanks for all the good you do. Happy Mother's Day. Love, their Dad."

The photos the actor shared include several of Garner sporting a big smile while holding her children, one of Violet and Serephina meeting their baby brother, and one of the family dressed up in Wizard of Oz costumes for Halloween. Garner dressed as Glinda the Good Witch, Affleck as the Tin Man, Violet as Dorothy, Seraphina as the Scarecrow, and Sam as the Cowardly Lion.

Additionally, Affleck posted a video clip in which Garner says, "Shhh, Don't tell anyone, but I think I'll be home for bedtime."

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Both Garner and Affleck have previously talked about parenting together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Kathy Hutchins /

Garner and Affleck have both spoken in interviews about how they work together to parent their kids and how important it is that they're on the same page.

"I'm very grateful and respectful of her," Affleck told People in February 2020. "Our marriage didn't work, and that's difficult. Both of us really believe that it's important for kids to see their parents respect one another and get along, whether they're together or not." He continued, "My parents got divorced when I was young and I know how painful that is, and I knew that they [my kids] would have to go through that publicly. But kids are resilient. They appreciate the truth."

Garner spoke about a worry she had when she got divorced.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck at the 2013 Oscars
s_bukley /

Garner was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter in March, and was asked about a comment she made in a Vanity Fair interview in 2016. At that time, Garner said she knew she would no longer get to dance with her children's father at their weddings. But now, she realizes she was wrong and that her relationship with Affleck means they can still have a good time together at milestone events.

"When our kids get married, we'll dance, I know that now," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "We'll boogaloo and have a great time. I don't worry about that anymore."

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Garner shared her own Mother's Day post, too.

Jennifer Garner holding one of her children
© Ben Affleck / Instagram

While Garner hasn't publicly commented on Affleck's post, she did share a Mother's Day post of her own. On her Instagram, she posted an image of a mother and baby whale and wrote a touching caption about how grateful she is for the health and happiness of her family and friends.

"Please God, let me see past the dishes, the end of school year crush, the pressure for today to mean more than any other, and help me glory in every single banal (wonderful) moment like the one that started me awake today," she wrote. "More of the same, over and over, please. And thank you." The actor added, "I wish I could wrap my arms around everyone for whom today is something to bear. I hope the world is mothering you as you need to be cared for today."

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