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9 New TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

These fresh recommendations will get you through your days off.

Already made it through your must-watch (and must-rewatch) list? Then you're in need of some fresh recommendations for the weekend. Read on to find eight new TV shows that Netflix has added within the last month. Whether you're in the mood to watch a reality TV throw down or fall in love with a sweet rom-com, we've got you covered. Read on for our suggestions.


Ewan McGregor in Halston
Atsushi Nishijim/Netflix

Ewan McGregor is the eponymous designer in this limited series from super producer Ryan Murphy. Expect the highs and lows of fame, lots of muse Liza Minnelli (as played by Krysta Rodriguez), some iconic fashions from the '70s and '80s, and big, big performances. Whether you already know how influential he was or are a total fashion history dud, you'll be a Halston expert in just five episodes.

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The Circle

Chloe Veitch in The Circle

Netflix's original reality competition show The Circle became a buzzy hit early in the pandemic, probably because the competitors weren't the only ones confined to their own rooms and communicating with the rest of the world mostly via social media. As of this week, there are two full seasons available, each one featuring a different cast of characters attempting to befriend and one-up each other by creating the perfect (though not always accurate) social media presence.

The Serpent

Jenna Coleman and Tahar Rahim in The Serpent
Roland Neveu/Netflix

This BBC period drama tells the real story of Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim), a serial killer who roamed free for 25 years. Victoria and Doctor Who actor Jenna Coleman co-stars as the girlfriend who helps him hawk the goods he takes from his victims.

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Selena: The Series

Christian Serratos in Selena: The Series
Sara Khalid/Shutterstock

Netflix just dropped the second and final season of their series biopic of Tejano music legend Selena Quintanilla, played by The Walking Dead actor Christian Serratos. These new episodes feature more stories from the too-short life of the star, including the time she met a young fan by the name of Beyoncé during a mall appearance. (That really happened!)

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness

Still from The Sons of Sam

The service continues to dominate the world of true crime with this new documentary series that investigates the theory that David Berkowitz (known as the Son of Sam) was not, in fact, responsible for all the New York City murders attributed to him.

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Shadow and Bone

Jessie Mei Li in Shadow and Bone

The fantasy series Shadow and Bone, based on books inspired by 19th century Russian history, follows a young soldier (Jessie Mei Li) who learns in a moment of fear that she has a long-fabled power that can possibly unite her country.

This Is a Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist

Still from This Is a Robbery

Another true crime docuseries (but with an art history twist), This Is a Robbery breaks down the famous and still unsolved 1990 heist of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Chances are you'll marathon all four of its compelling episodes in one sitting.

The Baker and the Beauty

Victor Rasuk and Nathalie Kelley in The Baker and the Beauty
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

A cult rom-com hit when it aired on ABC, The Beauty and the Baker is now on Netflix. Based on an Israeli series, it's about a baker (Victor Rasuk) who crosses paths (and falls in love with) a famous supermodel (Nathalie Kelley).

Jupiter's Legacy

Tyler Mane and Josh Duhamel in Jupiter's Legacy

Having comic book movie withdrawal? New Netflix original Jupiter's Legacy is based on a comic book series that explores what happens when superheroes age out of the job and have to pass the torch. Leslie BibbJosh Duhamel, and Ben Daniels are among the stars.

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