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9 New Netflix Shows You Can Watch This Weekend

Including a brand new season of Mindy Kaling's Never Have I Ever.

There are few aspects of life that are as constant as good TV. Shows may come and go (oftentimes too soon), but there's always something new to watch. And over the last few weeks, Netflix has added a treasure trove of new TV shows and seasons to its library. Read on to find out what we're watching this weekend, from a docuseries about a sports superstar to a Polish crime drama to the freshest high school comedy we've seen in years.

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka in her Netflix docuseries

At 23 years old, tennis player Naomi Osaka already has four Grand Slam titles and has been ranked No. 1 in the sport by the Women's Tennis Association. She's also dealt rather publicly with mental health issues exacerbated by the publicity demands of being a top competitor.

Per Netflix's official synopsis of their new limited documentary series on her, "This intimate series follows Naomi Osaka as she explores her cultural roots and navigates her multifaceted identity as a tennis champ and rising leader."

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Never Have I Ever

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Darren Barnet in Never Have I Ever
Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix

The second season of this charming and hilarious series created by Mindy Kaling and led by the previously unknown Maitreyi Ramakrishnan just arrived on Netflix in time for the height of summer. Never Have I Ever follows Devi (Ramakrishnan) as she deals with the recent death of her beloved dad, her identity as an Indian American kid growing up in Southern California, and her entanglements with two very different boys, balancing poignant coming-of-age moments with pop culture references and some good old fashioned slapstick comedy.

My Unorthodox Life

Julia Haart in My Unorthodox Life

This new frothy reality series centers Julia Haart, a woman who was raised in a super-conservative Orthodox community and even married and started her own family there before leaving it all behind and rebranding herself as a fashion girlboss.

Virgin River

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in Virgin River

You wouldn't be the first Netflix viewer to get caught up in the small-town romance of Virgin River, the third season of which is now on Netflix. Like all of your favorite Hallmark movies, the action of this drama begins when a woman (Alexandra Breckenridge) escapes a city (in this case, Los Angeles) to start a calmer life in a remote community and ends up finding more than she bargained for there.

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Keir Gilchrist in Atypical

You can now watch the fourth season of Atypical and catch up with the Gardner family one last time. While it's certainly not all this series covers, the show particularly focuses on the experience of Sam (Kier Gilchrist), a young adult with autism spectrum disorder.

The Mire

The Mire Season 2
Robert Palka/Netflix

The Mire, or Rojst in its native Polish, is an '80s-set crime thriller about an editor and a reporter who start to delve into an impossibly rare murder in their small town after the police write it off. The second season just landed on Netflix.

I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson in I Think You Should Leave
Kevin Estrada/Netflix

You've heard all of your comedy nerd friends raving about this absurdist sketch show that became a somewhat unexpected Netflix hit through a flurry of word of mouth praise. Consisting of just 12 episodes across two seasons (so far), you can absorb all of Tim Robinson's offbeat social commentary within a day.

Cat People

IAmMoshow in Cat People

An aptly named docuseries, Cat People focuses on people who've devoted their lives to the cats in their care and to felines in general. It's an ideal weekend watch if you want to enjoy something alongside your own pet pride and joy.

We the People

We the People

Brought to you by black-ish showrunner Kenya Barris as well as Barack and Michelle ObamaWe the People is a spiritual successor to Schoolhouse Rock, teaching kids about their rights and how to be a good citizen through animation and song. Unlike Schoolhouse Rock, it also boasts some of their idols, including H.E.R.Janelle MonaeLin-Manuel Miranda, and Bebe Rexha.

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